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Regulations prohibiting Airbnbs

Last week, our neighboring town signed an emergency mandate to stop all Airbnbs in the town, citing a lack of housing as the reason. This is consistent with what is happening in California. Are other hosts seeing a shift against having Airbnbs? How is the public responding to these new mandates?

Rentals listed on Airbnb only, or all STRs?


This seems like an old problem. We’ve had posts about it here for years.

I haven’t seen the research to be sure but my guess is that more of the public is anti-Short Term Rentals (STRs) than pro STR.

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In my state of New South Wales, Australia, the government has legislated maximum stays in various areas of the state. I am fine to book 365 days a year and there are only 19 entire listings in my area, but 20 minutes away the limit is 180 days and 90 minutes away in a very popular area from November 1st the limit is 90 days.
I am assuming that 90 day availability is going to either force the price up or make it available to long term rental. There are over 3000 STR in the area.

Regulations seem to follow whatever challenge is irritating people the most. We are in Massachusetts but far from Boston. The hotels lobbied for our occupancy tax passed two years ago. We hardly have any hotels in our area. Some STR rental restrictions are popping up in various towns/cities. We are a heavily regulated state. Ironically many landlords gave up LTR for STR years ago to avoid the very strict laws on renting from building codes to eviction hurdles.

Rentals under 30 days are not allowed in my city, unless you’re a registered BnB. If you’re renting out a stand-alone place it has to be for at least 30 days.

The exception is if you are renting out space in your own home where you live full time, you’re allowed a maximum of two paying guests.

That’s why I’m strict about my maximum of two adults, plus their children. I’ll stay in my lane.

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They refer to them as Airbnbs but I am under the impression that they mean all short term rentals.

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I completely understand why landlords would steer away from long term rentals. They are subjected to extreme regulations that benefit the renters. Sort-term rentals are much more advantageous for us. I am seeing the anti short term rentals attitudes beginning here and am concerned about where it is going.

I’m currently in an unincorporated part of our city & the county doesn’t have any restrictions. However, I’m seeing more and more STRs popping up so it concerns me also. I hope the other owners are good “neighbors”. I work hard to make myself a positive presence. And there’s a housing shortage here but I have an LTR and I don’t love it. Such a hassle, relatively speaking.

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