Regulations in Mendocino County

Hi everyone, I am new to the group and new to Airbnb. Does anyone know what the regulations are for renting a room in Mendocino County? I am right outside of the city limits of Fort Bragg, and I’m having trouble getting information.The Mendocino county offices are two hours away from where I live so I have been calling them and not being able to get through. I am hoping someone on here has a rental in the area and can help me out.Thank you!

You don’t say what country or state you are in. This is an international forum but I’m American and assume by Ft. Bragg you mean North Carolina?

Gotta be Fort Bragg, CA… no Mendocino County in NC

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Thanks! I’m sorry, Mendocino County is in California. There are many vacation rentals, so I’m hoping someone who has one can help me out. I’ve since found I need a business license to rent a room here. If anyone else has some feedback for me it would be much appreciated

Terri Russ

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