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Regular Guests Part Week - Pricing Strategy


I have had a few guests wanting to stay regularly for part week. For example, two or three nights a week such as tues - thursday weekly which then stops me getting bookings for a week.

Does anyone take regular guests on a weekly basis for two or three nights a week even though it may stop longer bookings?

What is your pricing strategy?
Do you guest charge your usual price even though it prevents longer bookings?
Do you charge a retainer?

What would you do or what do you do?


I almost certainly would not do that.
It seems operationally complicated, and likely to interfere with other potential guest bookings. I would bet that the guest is asking for a discount as well (or will in the near future) because they think they are doing you a favor. In my opinion this is something that AirBnB is not good for - a hotel would be a better choice for the guest.

I take a regular guest Mon-Wed and Wed-Fri. Both are business travelers and leave the place spotless. They also use only one of three bedrooms, which makes cleanup a breeze.

Can anyone see a way to make this work?

If you can book at least 4 of the 5 days of the workweek, weekends tend to fill easily. Less than 4 and you’re fighting a losing battle.

So if someone wants some where regular to stay would you say happy to do it on a regular basis but would need to pay for four nights otherwise take a chance and see whether I am available to book?

Well, in our case, we happened on two people at about the same time.

I’d consider a guest to be optimal if they used Mon-Thur. That would leave open Fri/Sat/Sun, which are the most popular days.

It really depends on your needs and desires. Does this appeal to you? Do you want/need longer bookings? Personally, I find 3 - 4 nights the best. By then I’m ready for guests, even those that are wonderful, to move on down the road. Hec, I’m ready for my sister to go by that point, too - and I love her!

Do you want this person to repeat? I’d be concerned that, after awhile, they’d get on your nerves and then it’s awkward to tell them to stop coming.

But I would not, would not, reduce your rate for them, unless they really are awesome and it’s worth it to you to know you have the income coming in. Otherwise you’re tied up making less than what the room is worth, right?

If, however, you think you enjoy this person and they are respectful, and you prefer to have ‘easy money’ then longer bookings, go for it.

But I would make it on a provisional basis, set up specific times to sit down and talk about how the arrangement is going, so you can talk out any small problems before they morph.

Good luck!

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