Regale me with awkward co-hosting stories, please

The guest’s flight was late, so the baby was asleep on top of me when they arrived.

No problem, my older boys know where the bathroom and keys are. They can handle escorting the guests up a flight of stairs and bringing them water, right?

10 minutes later, my eldest has gone into helpful lecture mode, showed them “where to get spare towels” (nooooo) and started in on a point by point comparison of his favorite restaurants. Even after the middle kid shouted, “Mom says to stop talking” he. Kept. Going. And i couldn’t shout anything without waking the baby, so i just had to sit on the couch cringing.

(My eldest is the archetypal absent minded professor. Totally sweet, but also totally oblivious)


The guests seem nice and like my cat, so I’m hoping they’ll see that the boys mean to be super helpful and charming, not exhausting.

And hopefully they don’t need extra towels.



Guests were delayed and I had to be at a meeting when they arrived, so I asked my cleaning helper to check them in. No problem. I sent them a message that she would be the one greeting them, and that I looked forward to meeting them during their stay. Of course she has a different name and she doesn’t look anything like me, but as we know, guests don’t always really look at the listing or read their messages…so they thought she was the owner. Mid-morning the next day (after I had to text them in the middle of the night because the neighbors complained of noise) I thought I better make an appearance, so went to water the plants on the deck. They thought I was the cleaning helper, and one of the guests complained to me about “the host.” The look on her face when I clarified was great. They did not review me. Whew.


I find it hilarious when they think you are the cleaner, the change in attitude when they realise this a business, I own 9 properties in the area and I do the work in renovating, maintaining and running the renting side.


That’s an adorable story! :heart:️:+1::clap: