Refund done, but calendar still blocke

I NEED URGENT HELP. I made a reservation on the airbnb for 27 days, I arrived at my host’s house on May 7, where I was supposed to leave the house on June 3. Unfortunately, I had an emergency and I have to leave the house tomorrow (May 12). My host was very generous, and did for me the refund of 100% of the days that I will not stay in the house (everything via airbnb) but her calendar is still blocked. I do not think it’s fair to block her calendar during all this time, because the refund was something agreed between two parties. Please help me to help her. What could be the solution? When I want to cancel by changing the date of my outgoing stay, airbnb does a 50% discount on the days I was supposed to spend. VERY UNFAIR. I urgently need to know how to unblock the dates booked on my host’s calendar. please help me.

What you should have done is cancel the booking. The host could then have voluntarily given you back the additional funds through Airbnb.

What it sounds like is that your host doesn’t understand how the cancellation system works and cancelled the booking themselves and now will face financial penalties, lost the opportunity of a superhost status and have the dates blocked.

I would suggest your host calls Airbnb and explains what has happened, they should be able to see through the messaging system that you wanted to cancel.

Suggest to your host they read through the Airbnb Help Centre so they become more familiar with how Airbnb works.

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Sorry – we are a forum for HOSTS, and have no official connection to AirBnb – and we can’t help you. Your Host needs to contact AirBnb Customer Service or by Twitter, you cannot do anything to help her.


thank you so much for the help. we made a arrangement and decidet do cancel
it. since im suppose to get paid 50% the rest of the days that i was going
to spend here… i decided to pay them cash the extra value from
cancelation, cause they already have refunded me. It was a lesson learned
from both parts.