I’m not sure where I stand.

Had a booking for July 2nd to July 5th for 2 adults and 4 children.

Our neighborhood is transitional and we’re in a fenced/gated artists community. 2 miles from Downtown and 1 mile from Freeways, 10 min. to airport.

Anyway, on June 30th, the woman wrote that she has a death in the family and what they would need to cancel. I advised her to contact airbnb for cancellation . After a few hours I asked her if she was going to cancel and if she could then go ahead and do it, as it put me into limbo, since I couldn’t rebook. She then changed her reservation to July 3-5 and I agreed.

They came and decided they didn’t want to stay. She had supposedly shown the photos to her friend and he was the one paying, but didn’t read description and he didn’t like it. She asked how they could get a refund and I told her that she’d have to contact airbnb for that, but that I thought that it really wasn’t fair to me, as they had already cancelled a day and I now wouldn’t be able to get another booking for this major holiday. But I repeated that she needed to contact airbnb.

Well, the booking is still on and I have not heard from airbnb. But it also means that I wasn’t able to book someone else into this house (3 bedroom house for $ 69/night - being new I just wanted to have some guests and reviews and offered really low price) .

How quickly would I normally hear from airbnb, if they filed some kind of claim? Or does it mean that they just ate it , since the reservation is still on? Can they go to airbnb a few days from now and file a claim ? Not sure how this normally works

In a situation like that, I would message the guest on Airbnb as soon as this happened and say you are sad to hear that they decided not to stay as her friend hadn’t read the listing description and decided on arrival not to stay.

You then have something in writing.

If they cancelled you would have got a notification straight away.,

I wouldn’t refund in these circumstances.