Refreshing your listing description for Airbnb's new design

Airbnb unveiled its new design – here’s a few ways you can update your listing description to best take advantage of it:

There’s another thread where they say the listing titles are gone and when I search I don’t see them. So…which is it?
Gone completely or more important than ever?

The titles have been removed on the homepage, but in search results, the removal of the host photo gives you more space for your listing title.

What are you calling the home page? And in search results, I am seeing host pictures. I think it would be helpful if you would include screen shots. I am still not convinced that this new design is universal, or even if AirBNB plans to use it going forward.

It appears that Airbnb is currently A/B testing the new design, so it’s possible that the new design has not rolled out to all users yet.

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I had it. Then it went away. Then it came back. And then went away. I am not going to redo my listing to maximize a change that might be gone tomorrow for everyone.

I’m also not seeing titles when I search. I greatly prefer titles so hope this is temporary. Here are some recent

search results for Albuquerque NM.

These are huge, but it is the only way you can see the masthead [so you know which page I am showing you] and the listings. These screen shots are from my anonymous browser.

Home page after I did a search for Albuquerque and then went back to home page.

Search Results when searching for Albuquerque from google.

Search results after adding a filter of private room.

I have seen what @KKC has placed above, but then it went away, twice.

When is says something like “peaceful sleep on a plush bed” that’s worthless to me but “Westside ABQ (close to I-40), 1 BR (shared bath)” is extremely informative. I try to have informative on my listing and I can’t imagine that less info, with or without host picture, is better.

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:: preaching to the choir ::