Referring hosts

Hello everyone!

Just had my 16th guest since i started last August. They stayed for 2 nights and half a day extra and they actually left me a tip of 20 euros and an amazing and sweet review. I truly hope that all my guests will be that way. That being said I had another booking for April from the UK.

My question is, i keep seeing this “offer” about referring hosts and gaining some benefits. Does anyone use it or has found an efficient way to use it? I wouldn’t mind some free trips.

You get points which you can use to pay for your stay with other hosts BUT the points don’t have a very long shelf life so are not much use.

If there are better perks, let me know please!!

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I’m not aware of points. I am only aware of vouchers e.g. A $75 dollar voucher. I referred a fellow host and got £25 Airbnb voucher when the hosted the first time.

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I received a Referral Bonus of £76 when a friend had their first booking here in London. Not vouchers, real money!

Sounds good! I wonder how this has not become a thing yet for people that want to start. Thanks for the info.

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So did I - $100, which probably equates to £76. What’s great is that I hadn’t personally recommended the new host - I have several articles on my website which uses the referral link so it must have come from that. A few of those every month would be brilliant. :slight_smile:

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When did you both get the ‘real money’. I wonder if air recently changed this either way

I have had the offer of £19.00 which I can only use as payment with another aitbnb host. No mention of real cash!!

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