Reduction of days while staying

My guests booked for 17 days in August planning on making short trips around. He said that his girlfriend doesn’t like the neighborhood and want to reduce the days of staying. I am sure though that they will leave a bad review either way. I would love your opinion on the subject

They can cancel and their cancellation will be according to the policy you have in place. Hopefully the communication with the guest is all ‘in app’ and the reason for cancelling that you got is there - as external issues with the neighborhood are not circumstances that airbnb recognizes as valid reasons to refund.

Hopefully, the review by the guest will discuss the neighborhood, and then airbnb will be able to delete their review.


Rolf thank you very helpful

This might not even come up, but since they are leaving mid-stay, don’t be pressured into refunding any of the booking payout. You held the place open and couldn’t take any other bookings so it’s not your issue they don’t like the neighborhood.

The alternative is to say you can possibly refund some money IF dates are rebooked, meaning a new booking came in for that same time period…if you felt inclined to the extra trouble. Don’t send any money though until the new booking has paid out and you are sure Airbnb CS isn’t going to refund your current guests regardless of your policy.

Never refund like that. Always do this through Airbnb. A common scam is the ask for refund and the host sends money to the guest, and then the guest Additionally gets money from the Airbnb from their payment there.