Reddit tales from the front desk

Hey all, I came across the above " tales from the front desk" there is some very interesting stories and experiences of people who work in hospitality like we do. Its more hotels, hostels and the like.
Its more usa based with a few uk posters. It mentions upgrades and night audits which i am not unfamiliar with, upgrades are like hens teeth in my country. Staff relay so many request for refunds stories which many posters here on the forum have written about over the years as well. Its just intestering to read about different ways its handled.

There are some funny and well written stories.

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I need that for my office!


This one resonates with me:

Funny! This comment in particular:

“Why is it that a guest will ask us a question, then DECIDE WE ARE LYING. You have rooms ready, you just don’t want to give me one. You can make the wifi faster, you just won’t. The seashells are edible, you just want to give me things but not enjoy them.”

I had a long chat with my latest guest, a Superhost no less, and the one thing - the ONE THING - I really emphasised was to keep her door shut because I don’t want the cat to go in there. I said he WILL go in if the door is open because he likes it and knows he’s not supposed to. Of course, says she.
Guess what?
Well, she’ll pay for it. He peed in someone’s shoes the last time they ignored my instructions. i know. It was a nightmare. He’s never done that before. I’m sensing he’s as pissed off with guests as I am right now.

edit sorry, my comment is really is not relevant to the thread. Just a bit fed up.


That’s a funny story. I interpret it as drunk guests pranking or teasing (taking the piss as the Brits say?) the hotel employee but maybe not.

“And this, my friends, is why you don’t put your hotel on AirBNB.”


I hadn’t seen the original post before, so I scrolled through it a bit this morning. In particular, I loved this comment:

“This kind of person is an Askhole.”


I love that term and I will even define it.

My brother is an askhole. He asks my opinion, then gets mad at me for telling him what I honestly think. Or asks permission, then gets mad for being told no. So keeps asking the question, 50 different ways, hoping for a different answer. He’s an askhole and that’s why I don’t take his calls. :rofl:

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