Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) from an Airbnb Case Manager

Interesting: a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) from an Airbnb Case Manager.

It’s a good opportunity to ask questions that would normally NOT get answered officially by Airbnb.

It’s a throwaway account, as s/he would not be allowed to discuss these topics openly.


There’s quite a few people who identify themselves as Airbnb case managers who post on Reddit. This was just a new one.

“He” (writes in the tone of a male) provided some excellent responses. He’s doing a good deed.

Good to hear @SandyToes. Some of the responses I have seen from others claiming to work for Airbnb on there makes me doubt if they really do.

And i thought this was a woman.

Super interesting but wish we could have a more corporate person do an AMA. My son is posting some questions for me, let’s see if we get an answer.

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Wow, Check it out, he wrote a great response to my son…

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Very interesting stuff. So enlightening to get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a case manager! I think if every host had to do some training and answer 100 calls from fellow hosts and every case manager had to host 100 guests as part of their training, what a Wonderful World It Would Be :laughing:


:: singing Kumbaya! ::

Walking in other people’s shoes is always eye opening. But seriously, some of the host I have read postings from on the forum have been so clueless that I seriously do think that there should be some requirement for at least a 20 minute required course.

Please, don’t make me visit that place :frowning: It’s just embarrassing. It’s fair enough for new hosts to have some seemingly stupid questions but the responses from self-appointed expert hosts are often simply :scream:


Lol, agree!..

I’m going to remove your post. Sorry. Not appropriate to this forum or the discussion about the Reddit AMA.

@konacoconutz I apologize for the misunderstanding. If you noticed the Reddit discussion consist of 144 questions and is fairly long. I just read it and it took me a lot of time so and I made a small summary. I thought that this could have been helpful for someone else

It is!!! Stop this!!! No more summarizing, no more linking to your blog.

I don’t understand what you are doing. All of us can read.