Red flag? Or not?


we have a guest asking for next saturday to come.

We have a private appartment in a two appartments villa.

The guest is new on air bnb (profil from june 2016, no review). The photo is not so clear and looking young

He asked first if they can have a latter check out (normally it’s 11 and I said ok for 13)
then question if they will have the place for themself and if we will be there
last question it’s possible they will more guests during the evening, does they have to pay more than 3 persons on the reservation

What do you think?, we are on instant boking but he has not booked yet

edit: he said it will be 3 more people during evening but only 3 that sleep at the place

edit: I ask if they will have a special event, he said no they will be nothing special and only 3 to sleep there

Guest profil is

I’m one of the most lax hosts here at the forum, I think! I’d probably accept him because we too have guests in a separate apartment. Asking for a later checkout is no problem for me as long as my next guests are arriving late. The fact that he has no reviews doesn’t worry me either because I have lots of guests who are new users.

But that’s just me. :slight_smile:

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I’m confused. When he asked if he would have the place to himself or if you will be there - what exactly was he asking?

Is he asking if he is renting out a shared house versus a full home? Or is he asking if you live very close to the apartment, or above or below the apartment?

Do you live onsite in the other apartment? If so, did you tell him that you live very close by?

Any idea why he is renting your place and is inviting people over? Does he know a bunch of local people already?

The villa is two appartment and we live in the one down (they are renting the place up)

He asked: But will you not be there, I understand. Because I understand that people are booking the entire house (it’s said on the listing that they are renting one appartment not all house…on the listing it’s said that we are living on the down appartment).

No ideas, I ask if they have a special event, he said just no…

To me, it is RED FLAGS all over the place. They want to party and have a lot of people over and want to make sure you are not there. Decline and block, if that is possible!


I agree and I closed the day so no booking possible…

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I am using very nice and flexible but sometimes it’s better to lose 1 night compare to many risks…

I had a VERY sexy (not in a good way!) looking woman try and rent our big house. When she asked if it was the Whole house - Including the CELLAR…I had red flags.
Needless to say I declined!

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I see. Well if you make it very clear to him that you live right below the apartment, then he would be an idiot to throw a party right in front of your face.

I still would kind of want to know why he has plans to invite 3 others over and if they are local. Do you actually sleep more than 3 people? If his visitors are arriving in another car, it will be kind of difficult to hide the vehicle from you…if they stay overnight.

It’s not often that my guests know anyone in the area, and I always ask if there will be any visitors during their stay. I’m not on instant book on Air. But the few guests who do plan to have a visitor will also disclose why. Ex: they are just inviting them over for dinner for a few hours, and they have their own place blah blah blah.

I wouldn’t block your date off though. If he comes back to you, I would just be extremely clear that you are onsite and I would ask about the relation of the other 3 in the group and if there is any possibility that there would be more than that number of visitors.

Yes we have 6 beds on the place. He didn’t want to say why guests where coming.

We have my wife family coming from her birthday so we will enjoy the day off I think, it’s low season so low price and not big problem to get one day close (we are almost full booked if during low season)

Thanks again all for inputs

I see…well have a nice birthday celebration then! :slight_smile:

If you are going to accept him, I would ensure you agreeing in writing that only guests who have booked and paid will be able to sleep in the property and if possible make sure that he only has access to the rooms he has paid to live and sleep in.

I don’t like this guy. He already sounds like trouble. Decline and keep the date open.

what can you do when you are on instant book?

Even if I declined, I guess he could had still booked