Red flag and cancelled

My intuition is improving. had a booking wanting to check in at 11 am. I messaged back that check-in is 2 pm and I will them know if they can check in earlier. They then questioned my pet fee. We decided, after our recent bad review, that this was enough red flags to cancel as we did not feel comfortable. It seemed the guest would arrive already unhappy.

Three phone calls to Airbnb later and it was cancelled. As the booking was within 48 hours I could not cancel without contacting them.

Airbnb also told me that any changes you make on the app do not save! make all changes on the computer.

Back to being relaxed!


I had an IB for a same day or next day arrival last month that I needed to cancel and it took two phone calls and about 40 minutes. Luckily I only have a run-in with Airbnb about twice a year but at least 50% of the time it’s annoying as can be. That’s why I don’t advise people “call Airbnb” when they have problems. Much better to handle it yourself if you can or email.

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Where possible I try to get the guest to cancel. Frankly I am not often successful. Most of my cancels are due to minimal info from a new guest who knows nothing about Air, refuses to call cs, and it’s after 11 pm my time - for a $100 booking.

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