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Recommended Cleaners!

I rent 2 houses out in West Yorkshire. Obviously trying to juggle this as well as work & kids was proving difficult!! Guys! Has anyone heard of ‘help for Hosts’?? A fellow airbnb’er told me about them. They work as a couple(not married I don’t think) but they literally do the job for you. At present, I pay them for a turn over clean, so once my guest has left…they come in and blitz the place. They also meet your guest if you can’t be there which was a life saver when we went on holiday! My last guest rented from me for 6 weeks, so because he stayed so long, I asked ‘help for Hosts’ to provide some little essentials. My guest gave me a raving review about the cleanliness of the house, and the little touches like home made breads that were still warm with little jams. Seriously…if you need saving…they are amazing!


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