'Recommended' by a Host ... but no written reviews?

What does it mean when Airbnb says a guest has been ‘recommended’ by a host but there is no written review? How can that be?

The host has given them a ‘thumbs up’.

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Why would a host give a thumbs up but no review?

I don’t know you would have to ask them :slight_smile:

I don’t see a way to contact the host who ‘recommended’ the guest. Their photo is not clickable. Hmmm. I’ve seen two of these in the last week.

Sorry I was being sardonic. You didn’t say this was an actual situation you had encountered with potential guests. I thought it was another of your newbie guestions :slight_smile:

Probably just lazy hosts.

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Oh, I must have misunderstood the objective of this forum … or … :clown_face:

Guess it depends what you think the objectives of this forum are? I think most would agree it’s where hosts come to share their experiences of hosting, ask for recommendations , let off steam about guests and ask questions relating to live situations they are experiencing. We also come for a bit of light relief and often go way off track.

Not sure about why you put a pig icon is at the end of your response - are you calling me a pig??? Actually I’m a :lion:

Those looking for start up advice are much better served looking at the community guides and tutorials on Airbnb’s Community Forum or the FAQs on its Help Centre. Quite honestly regulars do get a little tired answering FAQs that newbies can easily find the answers to on Airbnb’s on Help Centre and Forums.

The search function here is also useful for searching for common issues.

Your initial post asked a generic question and didn’t state that you are asking about two sets of specific guests. Hence my response.


I’ve noticed this, too!

When I’ve looked more closely it’s been the case that the guest was part of a group reservation that their profile was attached to. So Jane who wants to book with you was part of a group stay booked by Natalie. Natalie would show the written review, but Jane benefits from the thumbs up. This doesn’t give me much confidence in Jane - she may be terrible at communicating, where Natalie was great. Natalie may have earned the 5-star cleanliness by cleaning up Jane’s mess.

I also cynically think Airbnb likes to do this so more folks can IB under the “recommended by other hosts”. Jane didn’t earn the thumbs up; she simply managed to successfully follow Natalie through a visit.


To be honest, it really doesn’t matter to me. There are so many strange hosts out there (and some who post here) who won’t give bad guests honest reviews so this makes good reviews questionable.

I imagine that all experienced hosts have hosted guests who haven’t been wonderful but have had terrific reviews. Or plenty of thumbs up. They mean little really.

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Although I agree that they mean little overall I still insist on believing everyone should review honestly every time. It’s saved me one bad guest and prepared me for others that might have been bad but I feel I knew how to be proactive and avoid problems.

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It would certainly do away with a lot of problems.

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It’s not a pig. It’s a clown. I couldn’t find an icon for snarky. :roll_eyes:


99 out of 100 get the same review give or take a word, 5 stars and a thumbs up.

The odd ones well I tend to leave until later and then never get around to doing them as I can not think of a decent turn of phrase. If they review me then that might remind me to do something.