Recommendations to replace our old bedside alarm clocks

It’s time for us to get rid of the old bedside alarm clocks in our house. I’m sure everyone uses their phone to check the time in the middle of the night or for an alarm. I don’t have other clocks in the bedroom, but it’s a whole house rental and most of the guests spend very little time in the bedrooms.

What should I replace them with? I’d like to stay under $50 US each, but I could go a more for something great.

As you already mentioned, just about everyone uses their phone these days to check the time and set alarms. Why don’t you try just not having a bedside clock at all?

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We have digital alarm clocks with built in temperature gauge and USB ports and we only spent about 20.00 each.


I think I spent $10 on a plug in digital clock that has an alarm you can set. I know everyone has their phones as do I but personally I like being able to roll over and see the time without having to pick up my phone.

I encountered these in a couple of nicer hotels, and got one for our unit:


I would get one with USB ports.

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I like the look of these! Bluetooth plus USB ports is a winning combo.

We have outlets in our bedside lamps but don’t supply alarm clocks.

We bought two very cute battery operated mid century modern style alarm clocks - one for each apartment. I kept finding them in weird places when guests had left (in drawers, in the kitchen etc) and realised that no one was using them. One small reason for them being moved could be that they tick but I think the main one is that guests preferred to charge their phones on the bedside tables and use them as alarms/clocks.

As we all do, yes? I can’t remember the last time I owned and used an alarm clock.

This is working well for me (blue tooth enable clock radio)

Great item, a bit pricey for my location but really like this item. Would consider buying for my personal home though. A higher end home it would be ideal.

I would not bother replacing them. Like you mentioned, people use their cellphones. Unless you want a decorative clock for a wall.

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How about a nice recharger unit for their phones that can’t be “accidentally” removed? You can probably even get one with a clock! Or maybe a clock with a recharger port?

I just ordered one of these to try it out. It’s more than I wanted to spend, but hopefully it lives up to the reviews.

Thank you all for your input!

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We’re fortunate - we don’t usually have issues with theft as we have staff there on a regular basis. Once in a while, a cord or adapter walks off, but I think that is more carelessness than theft.

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I have reached a sort of equilibrium where the rate of cords leaving equals the rate of them being left.

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I bought a $9.99 digital clock radio for each room. Only one guest has ever turned a radio on. In the kitchen I have a battery powered clock/barometer combo that was one of my brother’s retirement gifts. It adds a little nautical look.

I always over guess what my guests need. I purchased a very nice blue LED clock/alarm and placed next to the Tv in the main bedroom. It seems that every guest turns it around or on its side. Too bright? Too blue? I don’t know. I am wondering if they even need a clock. I saw at Walmart a large utilitarian clock with hands and numbers. Could I place that on the wall, and do away with the digital?

There are lots of options. Many guests use mine to play their music from their phone. I’d go so far as to say that the music speaker feature of most clocks now is the selling feature more than the clock.

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Interesting. I have never even thought about putting an alarm clock in the suite! Guests always rave about the suite and almost always remark that I have thought of everything! I guess I didn’t think about it because I don’t use one myself. I use my phone, so I assume everyone else does too. When I come across one that is not expensive, I will grab one.