Recommendations for tracking cell phones

I’m guessing there are a lot of different services out there to help you track your phone in case it is lost. Do any of you have recommendations of a method that you love to use when you can’t find your phone.

I have gotten on the computer to call my phone when it is in the same area I am in, to hear it ring. But then I was thinking about what if the volume got kicked off - that happens every once in a while with my phone. And also I was wondering if a tracking service will tell you exactly where your phone is, or just the vecinity.

For example - will the tracker let me know the phone is under a pillow. Or will it just let me know it is near that address?

Thanks for any recommendations!

I misplaced my cell the other day while cleaning at the rental - so this topic is related to hosting in case anyone is questioning…or at least I’m attempting to tie it into hosting…lol :smile:

Ahhh…too bad for me. I was hoping the walking encyclopedia Dudley would respond to me. Even if he doesn’t know me and love me… :sob:


Hi @cabinhost,

Such a thing should be possible, but I don’t know how to do it. It’s worth researching, if you have the time. And I’d be interested in an answer too.

Check on amazon for tracking devices like Tile. The little chip can be attached to anything you don’t want to lose.

If you’re an iPhone user there’s also the app ‘Find my iPhone’. I use this all the time but I don’t have a separate phone line and in essence it’s the same as calling your phone (i.e. The phone has to be on and connected to the internet).

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We have a Tile on our cat!!!

lol that’s hilarious ! I never even thought about attaching it to a pets collar!

He likes to sneak out the front door… and I was sick of hunting for that furry PITA

There are dozens of apps to find your phone, I use Wheres my Droid (for android smartphones, obviously :slight_smile: ). It makes my phone ring when i text a safe word (even if the one is on silent mode) or I can check the gps position of my phone.

A quick look at Amazon reviews says this Tile thing is a security nightmare. Quelle surprise.

Why is it a security nightmare?

What kind of phone do you have?

If you have an iPhone the “Find my Phone” app works great. My husband couldn’t find his phone - went back to work to see if it was there but couldn’t find it. Went back home and we both looked. I asked him if he had the Find my Phone app, and he did.

So he went onto his computer and saw that it was back at work. He had helped a co-worker dig her car out of the snow (about 8" of snow on the ground) so I called his phone and we saw it glowing under the snow in the parking lot. No way would he have retrieved his phone in perfect condition had it not been for that app.

I have a Samsung with the ability to track via my Samsung account. But you must have it set to track your location.

Oh wow! Good thing for that app. When your husband looked on his computer did it specifically show it was outside in the snow, or did it just show the building address, and he backtracked his steps?

I have a Straightalk phone and I believe it is Samsung. I guess I would need to check the serial number or try to log into my Straighttalk account?

I also wonder if there is a device to find it if no one else is around to call or look on a computer - like something on your key chain that you can press and it will beep or something. Maybe I am dreaming…lol

We brought his iPad along and could see approximately where it was on a map, possibly google maps. But since the whole parking lot was covered in 8" of snow we couldn’t see it. That is when we pulled out my phone and called it… and when a call came in the screen lit up. It was actually at night and we could see it glowing in the snow.

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