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Recommendation: Sofa Bed

Hey, was just wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a double sofa bed. It’s for myself as a Host. I’d like a more comfortable sleeping option for myself when I’m fully booked up. At the moment I have mattress in the front room and think having a comfy sofa bed for myself would be a great improvement to my quality of sleep. I’m based in the UK (Belfast) and would like something within my £200 budget. Any pointers greatly appreciated.



I’m not sure you’ll get a terribly comfy sofabed on that type of budget I’m afraid. I guess it depends how often you will be sleeping on it.

Try Argos, or IKEA or similar.

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I love love love the Karlstad Ikea sofa. Much more comfortable than many a sofa bed – better cushioning, no thin mattress with slats poking in your back, sleep like a baby on it. Just remove the back cushions and you’ll have plenty of space to curl up on.



Yeah it’s a tight budget for sure. I think they’re the best options that you suggested, thanks.

Never considered that option. I’ll have a look, thanks!

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Looks lovely but just links to a sofa @PuppyLover and is the equivalent of over £300, so way over the OP’s budget.

Get it used on Belfast Craigslist.

They hold up beauifully.

Buy an used sofa bed and then you can put a brand new foam mattress on top. It doesn’t get any more comfortable than that.

Instead of a sofabed have a look at a wall bed.

More comfort and much easier to handle. No hassle with bedding every evening and morning.

I found a nice mattress topper can go a long way to improve the comfort of a sofa bed. Find a sofa you like and get nice mattress topper for the pull out.

We used to have a sleeper sofa - we replaced the cheap mattress with a combo innerspring/inflatable mattress with pillow top. Everyone who slept on it mentioned how incredibly comfortable it was.

Leggett & Platt AirDream Hypoallergenic Inflatable Mattress with Electric Hand Pump for Sleeper Sofas, 52"

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@CeeBee That looks great!!! Thanx! I put it in my wish list for when I am ready to replace mine.

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