Recommendation: product for furniture scratches

The 2 marker/crayon kits I’ve tried so far aren’t cutting it. Anyone have a “tried and true” for nicks & scratches on oak?

I’ve had good luck with Sharpies.

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I’ve also had good luck with Sharpies like @JJD but my favorite product is Varathane Touch Up Marker in red oak. It is for touch-up and staining and made by Rustoleum.


And for water marks, rub in some mayonnaise, cover with plastic wrap and let set for a couple hours, then wipe.

I couldn’t believe how well this worked on years-old bad water stains on a teak dining table where the dog had jumped up and knocked over a vase of flowers and the water sat all day while I was out.


I have a watermark on a table at home so I’m just trying this. I heard strange noises and found that it was the cat licking the mayonnaise!


Yes, I was going to try the brown ones

@JJD Re: brown sharpies

That’s amazing. I’d love to know the story behind that discovery :slight_smile:

I’ll try this if the sharpies don’t work- thanks!

I read it somewhere and thought it sounded ridiculous. The mayonnaise was a desperation move because the top appeared so damaged and I had nothing to lose.

The white marks are supposedly from water suspended in the finish and I had tried all kinds of things – ironing the table with a white cloth, etc.

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It worked! Despite the cat’s best efforts to lick the mayo, it worked. I just put an inverted plate over the mayo and plastic wrap bandage to keep the cat away. Thanks @dpfromva

Fantastic. :slight_smile:


We are adding a leather look fabric to the tops of all our dresses, nightstands etc! Easy to wipe and won’t damage the tops!

My husband decided to steam iron a wrinkly tablecloth on our dining room table . He apparently also set the iron down now and then so we have an intricate pattern of iron shapes on the tabletop. Needless to say, we always use a tablecloth.


We have the same cat! I could never do this unless I stood over it keeping the mini-leopard at bay!

Ooh! Good idea!

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