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Last week I had a fairly last minute booking for three guests for three nights - December 16-19th. The guest was brand new but verified. The profile picture was of the photo part of his drivers license. Although I have IB on for this listing, the guest sent an inquiry and let me know that he’d read the entire listing (providing me with the secret phrase). I accepted the booking, and all was well.

The day of his arrival he had a few last minute questions, and everything was done on the Airbnb platform. He was staying in the top apartment of my two family, and we had other guests arriving the same day in the main floor apartment as well as the basement apartment. Because we had three arrivals that day, I wanted to make sure that my Ring video doorbell was charged and ready in case anyone had any problems getting in. The doorbell was a bit of a clusterpuck as it needed more time than I had, and needed to be restarted. I didn’t end up getting the video doorbell set up for the 16th, but finally got it sorted out the next day.

So as I’m looking at the playback and trying to adjust the motion sensors, I see footage of four guests coming home at 4:50am. I know the girls on the main floor are Chinese, and the people in the basement use a different door, so I know it has to be the guests upstairs, that booked for three. It’s now around 10am, so I figure that I’ll go over and say hi to everyone as I didn’t have a chance to see them on their arrival. I see the young girls on the main floor, everything is great. I see the couple in the basement, they are all cozy and planning their trip. I go upstairs, and no answer. It’s early, and I know they’ve gotten home a few hours ago, but I still bang away at the door. I can feel that they are home even though I don’t really hear anything. We all know our houses, right? You can tell, it’s almost like you can sense someone NOT coming to the door. Fine - the dude doesn’t want to answer, so I go away.

When I get home, I send him a note to say - hey, I didn’t have a chance to see you on your arrival, and I missed you this morning. Let me know when I can stop by to say hello. No answer, when every other correspondence has had a pretty quick reply.

Now I’m getting a bit pissy about the situation, because he’d carefully read the entire description and agreed to the house rules, and no extra guests without approval, etc. is in my description two separate times, and of course in the house rules. And also he’d been super quick at replying before, but now, nothing. So I start to watch the video obsessively to make sure that indeed, there are four people. They don’t always come and go at the same time, but there are clearly four separate people.

The second day, after no reply to my “can I stop by” note, I send him another note to say - hey, it looks like you had another friend join you, I’m sending you an alteration request to update the booking, as per the house rules. No reply. I try calling him on his phone, no answer. They are never home at a time that works for me to go back, so the day of checkout comes and another note - hey, alteration request still pending, please accept it so that everything is correct. Again, no reply.

They check out, and clearly four guests leave together, each with a small bag. Now he’s checked out, and no response from him so I submit a resolution request for the fee associated with the fourth guest. I indicate that upon review of my exterior security camera I have seen a fourth guest coming and going. Two days after (this morning actually) he finally replies to say “yeah, a bud stayed over one night so you’re not getting $60 out of me”. What an ass. The problem is that the stupid Ring doorbell is now holding the video in the cloud somewhere and not letting me access the footage. I have a request for support to reply to me, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the resolution times out.

So I’m not going to worry about the money, if I get it, fine. But I am going to write a review to indicate that while the apartment was left quite tidy and initial correspondence was good, I cannot recommend this guest as he broke a house rule that he had agreed to. I will also give him the old thumbs down so hopefully it will stunt him if he ever does want to use IB.

This is really not that interesting, it’s happened to most hosts. I just felt like ranting a bit :slight_smile:


You are a picture of friendly patience. As soon as I saw that extra guest and refusal to communicate I’d have been much less friendly. Despite telling him you have video of all the nights he’s still claiming it was only one night?


I wouldn’t even include any kind of nice comment about this guest. You’re right…what an ass. Any idea if this is a “group” review? All three guests should have read the house rules. So they all should have known that the 4th guest wasn’t allowed.

‘Unfortunately these guests failed to comply with basic house rules and were consistently rude throughout their stay and in communication afterwards. I cannot recommend to other hosts.’


Super… I must agree with Karma. This was a BAD guest, I don’t care if they left the apartment as clean as a whistle.
Bad review for this nasty piece of work. You did not take screenshots of the footage? I would have done.

I cannot improve on Gardenhost’s review.


You now have 14 days to take things through the resolution centre. Go ahead and log your claim !!

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I should have instantly taken the screen shots, but I thought I’d do it when I got home to my computer, and then the Ring screwed up…both my husband and I have accounts, and we’ve had problems with our various Ring units and had to reset them a few times. When I reset it is when I lost the footage. I’m sure it’s there somewhere.

You’re all right, I won’t leave a soft then hard review. I’ll just say “this guest broke a house rule and did not respond to requests to resolve the issue. I do not recommend”


I hope you consider specifying what happened, and how he treated you after he was caught. Because some hosts may think he might have a broken a house rule of not removing his shoes. I wouldn’t want to rent to this guest. But I would never be able to tell without knowing which rules he broke.


Agree my preference would be to see: the guest brought an additional guest into the property who then stayed overnight. The guest refused to respond to requests for the additional payment due. Cannot recommend.

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I like Gardenhost’s wording.

We had a guest stay recently. Despite our flat not being kid friendly, we agreed to let their toddler stay. When we went to our flat this morning (they left yesterday afternoon and aren’t replying to texts), it’s clear another adult was staying. I am pretty pissed off because if there was a fire then how do we know we accounted for everybody?! Our flat is on the top (8th) floor.

Not only that but they were extremely rude in their response to the request. That should also be said

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The issue has been resolved, but not necessarily in the very best way. The guest finally agreed to pay the extra guest fees after I told him that despite his assertion that the extra guest had stayed only one night, the security footage told another story.

The next message from him was one full of apologies, and he told me that they were out all the time and coming and going separately and he honestly thought the guest only stayed one night. As if I believe that!


Sheesh. If you are going to apologize you need to fess up completely!

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I do find it sad that he thought you’d believe that :frowning:

Airbnb holds their credit card info. Surely they will take your word for it and give you the extra money.
It’s not the money, it’s the principle of it all and he should feel it in his hip pocket. Hopefully he will be embarrassed and won’t do it the next time.

Ah Julia, I see you have yet to be burned by Airbnb. They don’t take anything on trust. If the guest denies the extra guest and the host doesn’t have proof the request won’t go anywhere …


Oh no. @Zandra is correct. There are probably as many unscrupulous hosts as there are bad guests. Maybe even more. Airbnb will certainly not take a host’s word as proof.


same here canadian girls booked one and comes 2 one african and one asian young girls when i said wt the first time they check-in she that she will do immediately
and they keep playing game until last night.
airbnb policy you can,t claim before 72 hours that the guest accept or reject your alteration (like every rules this one to do not care about host)
and they flied away without paying
now i m keep posting airbnb for $100
dear airbnb case manager if you read here please know that a room at new york city is 1k and 3 bed 3k
plus real estate deposit fee 40 time income check etc
and unfortunately except some where in manhattan average is $50 a night i have a large room will be gone for long $1200 easily just i dont want to keep long terms continued airbnb
but please please in your all cases host is not guilty
i said please
just like this one after this girl i spent another $200 for security camera in kitchen and entrance

Hello @mustangy

Sorry to hear of your issues.

This is an independent forum for hosts, not monitored by Airbnb.

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That’s disappointing to know.

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