Receiving same day bookings after cut-off time

Hi everyone,

For the past 2 days I’ve been experiencing same day booking requests after my cut-off time. My same day booking cut off time is 10h00, and I’ve received requests at 17h30, 19h00 and 19h43 respectively.

I make use of instant book, and I’ve been receiving ‘requests’ not confirmed bookings. It still bothers me though because from the messages I’ve received from these guests they assume that my lisiting is available for them. Also, from a guest point of view, I would feel frustrated if I am looking for last minute accommodation and although it is coming up in my search results, it’s not actually available.

Another possibility I’m assuming is that even though I am using instant book, since these bookings are last minute they are coming through as ‘requests’ and I’m being given the option as a host to accpet or decline. But this doesn’t make too much sense because why include unavailable lisitings in search results?

All the requests I’ve received are from multiple 5-star review guests which should have been instant book, but have come through as a ‘request’.

I’ve taken it up with support, but it seems like even they don’t know why this is happening and passed it on to their ‘engineers’. Just curious to know if anyone else has experienced this.

Thank you.

I don’t take same day bookings at all, but I would assume they are coming through as requests because they are after your cut-off time for same day bookings.

If you have an unbooked, unblocked night, it isn’t “unavailable”. It will still show in search, I think, regardless of your same day booking cut-off time.

You can avoid all this by setting 1 day advance notice.

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I think that @CatskillsGrrl had a similar issue recently and CS was similarly unhelpful.

Someone should make a wall poster for Airbnb hosts with this phase in big letters.

You need to go into your availability settings and change the second question to “no”


Well, except the OP doesn’t want to prohibit a same day reservation, just wants the cutoff time on the same-day reservation to be honored in a RTB situation.

Yes, my bad, I assumed that even with same day booking Airbnb would give you this option to turn off the requests once outside of your cut off time but I guess not.

It sounds like actual reservations aren’t being made, host is just receiving booking requests and finds it to be annoying.

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Yes, I’ve had the same problem recently. I just respond to the requests, stating we are unable to host them, as our cut off time for same day reservations has passed. Still kind of irritating that Air let’s these requests go through…