Reasonable rate for partial management work?

I live in LA and will be visiting my family for a couple of months so I need someone who can be in local when emergency arises.

I will be managing calendar and do all the communication with guests / arrange cleaning / arrange handyman when something happens.

I am looking for someone who can help with the following task (I need to find someone who lives nearby)

-move trashcan to curb once a week
-start my car once a week
-change security camera battery once a week
-when Guests have emergency, help (door locked, need extra supplies like towels or TP, internet troubleshoot…etc)

What would be the good rate for this kind of task? And Hourly? Or flat?

Please advise! Thanks.

It seems if someone has to be on call for emergencies it would be an hourly rate? And if you are in LA and someone has to go weekly, I’d think the commute needs to be accounted for. It seems like a good situation would to be to find a host in your neighborhood who would be interested. For example I don’t want to be a full time co-host but having a temporary job like this would be right up my alley. But I don’t live in LA.

Yes there is community website called nextdoor and I am planning to find someone who lives close (walking distance or within 5-10 min drive max) if I am lucky… if it’s hourly, what would be good rate?

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Sorry I’m not familiar with the labor market in LA.

Prefaced with I live in Australia. When I am unavailable my team get $10 per interaction, but if they can do 2 tasks at once, same $10

Perhaps the person could do all three tasks in one visit.
Depending on how close they are to you I think 20.00
Would be fair. I’m sure you can find someone using the nextdoor app.