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Reasonable Cleaning fees

Hi. Im trying to set a cleaning fee for my new holiday rental and looking at other properties to gauge an appropriate charge. Ive seen the fees up to $600 (Aus $) for a 3 bedroom house but the price of the accommodation was cheap. Is this a way to reduce fees? A bit like ebay sellers used to inflate postage and reduce the item price so the fees are less. If not why would someone charge $600 to clean the house when a cleaner can do it all for a few hundred.

Airbnb charges commission on cleaning fee’s so its not a place to save money. I just charge what my cleaner charges me.

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There are lots of threads on cleaning fees…

Isn’t it like $450? Very strange…

The simple (and honest) way is to see what it would cost you if you’re doing it or someone else. How many hours + cleaning products use = cleaning fee.

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