Really wondering about this past weekend’s guests

They were in town for a science competition. (Was able to verify this by looking at social media)

I’m not complaining. They left the place clean, but…

They checked in around 6pm and checked out the next day around 1030am.

In this time frame they used a potato masher, a box grater, a Dutch oven, two skillets, a turkey baster, chopsticks, etc.

According to my Spotify account, they listened to the Mama Mia soundtrack, some k-pop boy band and…

Slipknot (?!)

Every waste basket had tons of empty Dorito bags…

Just curious what they were actually doing

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Sounds like good guests to me:)


Do you watch Big Bang Theory?

Ok snacks, Doritos, chinese food plus a science demonstration using kitchen utensils = Sheldon, Raj, Leonard & Norman!

I love :heart: science geeks-I wish I had the “smarts” to be one.


Some one’s mom picked them up. :rofl:


I agree that they either cooked a good meal or did a test run of the science experiment/demonstration. If there were high school or college age kids, their ability to eat incredibly large amounts of snack foods is great.