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Really how do murderers get away with it?


I am sorry but I have been so honed in to find every last little strand of hair while I clean, I mean eyelash strands and eyebrow lengths and yes that public hair. I wear a Do rag, a wig encasement every time I clean and as stupid as I look I rather not clean up my own hairs.

I am so OCD that this job is making me even more so, to smallest spots I inspect in the most unlikely space… so just for blank and giggles…how the hell are murder areas where there is physical evidence not easy to for investigators?

I got finger smudges, I got foot indentions, DNA left every freaking where… do we have a cleaver Dexters out ther?


did you see what I did… I meant cleaver Dexters.


Interesting post!

btw, Carmen, are you the host that recommends lint brushes when cleaning? If so, I want to thank you as I’ve found it extremely helpful.

And yes, I agree with you!! Sheets and pillowcases are hair MAGNETS.


I relate so much, Carmen! It’s good to know that someone else is as obsessive as I am. @dcmooney - lint rollers are a wonderful thing! I use it on the interior of drawers in addition to bedlinen, towels, throws, upholstery, lampshades and so on - inside drawers are total hair magnets too.

I think my worst OCD thing happens on the sofa, love seat and ottoman. They have those little indentations (where a button would be on some upholstered items) and they usually have specks of sand in them because guests have been sitting on them after going to the beach. So every time I clean, I poke a piece of masking tape into each indentation and proddle it around to get up every grain of sand.

It takes ages and is completely nuts!

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Wow… for me its too much cleaning. I get all 5* stars for cleaningnes and 10 out of 10 with booking.com. SO, i must be doing something wright. But i dont even come close to cleaning lint, or ironing sheets like others here do.

I also have sand everywhere after people leave but all i do is vacuum. I dont even open drawers, may be i should.

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The hair factor! I love this discussion. I have a lint roller too because I think the last thing a guest wants to do is turn down those beautiful white sheets and find hair! Yick.

I’ve also discovered that while cleaning the loo there will be some stray hair that evades detection until you open and close the lid a few times (maybe caught near the hinge). I’ve been horrified to lift the lid of the loo to just double check as i’m leaving the room and bang - down out of nowhere floats a dark hair that nestles on the top of the seat. I swear I’m going to end up in a home having hair nightmares.

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Yes I go through the sticky lint rollers quite a bit and the trick is to pick up the hair dry because you get them wet it is harder to pick up. I have white tile in the bedroom area so for me it is a constant struggle.


Just like Yana, I too have 5 stars on cleanliness but I never bothered to iron let alone lint my sheets ! In my opinion Swiffers and microfiber clothes catch everything… I do clean baseboards with a cotton swab though, to each his obsession I guess !

For toilets you should install one of these toilets seats with QuickRelease hinges, they’re so much easier to clean.

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