Reaction to our review... Two lies... What to do

So the little non-communicating, house rule breaking, princess from my other topic decided to react to the review we gave her.

She finds it “strange”, that the review was written in English because my MIL doesn’t speak English. Well we do, and we have our messages to her showing for it. She also says we never asked her for her arrival time, which is also a lie and we also have our messages as proof.

Maybe I should just let it rest, it’s just that I hate to read things that are not true. What do you think would happen if we call AirBnB? Will they leave it as it is, although they can check that there are two outright lies in her reaction? Will they delete her reaction? Or will they delete her reaction and our review?

Anyone with experience?

Is it worth the energy…personally I would just move on.
My experience is ABB will do nothing on either end, you will most likely get their scripted reply.

I understand your frustration with her lies. If you respond, word it carefully because it would easily come across as petty. With that said, I would be inclined let sleeping dogs lie (not respond) and block her from future rentals. Anyone seeing your other reviews will see this person’s feedback doesn’t make sense.

I doubt Airbnb will change her review because of these lies because they aren’t significant enough and she isn’t demanding money

I think you misread. It’s about her reaction to our review. In her reaction she lied about two facts, which can easily be confirmed by our messages in the message center.

It’s not about us reacting to her review, which I actually already did: “We provide a good quality ventilator in all our rooms. In case you don’t see it, please just ask for it.”

If one lie is she think it’s strange the review is in English, that’s not a lie, it’s her feeling about it. The other lie is a lie but I’ve seen much worse reported here on the forum and Airbnb didn’t do anything. So I don’t think it’s worth your time.

And let me add that I thought she would be a perfectly fine guest at my listing but now I see that she is the dreaded “entitled” guest and I’m glad she got the thumbs down from you.

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