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Reaching a Moderator

How do you get in touch with a moderator? Thanks

There is a mod badge next to their name and you can post here and link them in, or private message them @gigman7

How do I send a private message? I went to their profile and couldn’t find a link to pm them.

Glenn, click my profile photograph and then the message icon on the right hand side.

Message icon??

You click on the round coloured circle next to the name - a window opens with a little I can that says MESSAGE - click on thAT!

Glenn, if I wanted to message you I’d click on the G by the side of your name and get this:


Nope, not on there.


No mater how many screenshots are put up, IT’S NOT ON THERE.

Glenn I’ll message you and then all you have to do is message me back. Okay?

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@gigman7 - I messaged you, and also gave the names of all moderators. Any of us can assist.

You don’t have to be a S.A. If I could upload an image, I’d show you. But I can only do so much since this is “my first day” on here.

@jaquo, @gigman7

I have an idea as to what might be causing this. If I remember correctly - new members have LIMITED ALLOWED FUNCTIONALITY. So, “Private Message” (PM) may be currently blocked - even to a moderator.

This is a config setting in Discourse Forum software and can be modified. After a certain number of different actions: posts, replies, and activities - the restrictions are automatically lifted.


I’ve PMed Gigman and he’s messaged me back so he has full functionality regarding messages.

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I still don’t get the message icon.

Never mind. We’re in contact which is what you wanted, right? Jefferson is correct in that some functions are not available to new members until ‘the system’ assures itself that they are not spammers, trolls or time-wasters.


Just reply back to @jaquo. Eventually, if you are as awesome as the rest of us, you will be able to PM like us Cool Kids …


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