Reached Superhost and all bookings stopped!

Haha. I don’t think we are paying proper respect to this ‘Badge of ?’.

Pardon me :))) I’ve got a friend who puts that word on the end of everything and I’ve picked up her habit. So I’m a Super B…ch now! And proud of it for as long as it lasts, which might not be so long.

Try to make this short: 3 nights ago a guest wanted to check in late–after my 10pm cutoff–and I said OK and left it at that. Then it was going to be closer to midnight so I texted pics and details about locating my back house that many have trouble finding in the dark. Around 11pm I texted and asked if he’d gotten instructions. No he hadn’t. He calls me. Loud bar music going, his language skills aren’t good. I hang up. Another couple texts; he’s coming after midnight. He’s in Koreatown in L.A., I’m in Long Beach. I decide he needs to find another place. I don’t want him knocking on neighbors’ doors at 2am. He finally says OK. I call Air helpline. She says just refund and don’t cancel and I’ll avoid the penalties and retain my Super B status!

The Air platform allowed me to refund only the amount I was paid, which I did and was a lousy $11 less than his total payout. I just got a text from him complaining about this discrepancy. Just to avoid further headaches I’m going to send him the $11.


I love humor, the ‘Super B…ch Host’ new moniker is hilarious.

Amazing on your recent experience… I think they need to now come with a ‘status’ one also for guests like this crazy one you had; may I suggest - ‘Super A*****e Guest’.

Super B…ch Host

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Oh yes I love that new badge suggestion! And have you seen that new designation: Acceptance rate? I’m at 100% for some odd reason. Seems like I’ve turned down a couple here and there.

As for my “a hole” guest, he was probably a nice guy. But given the very low rate he was paying for my simple accommodation it just was not worth my time to stay up into the wee hours of the morning in case he couldn’t find the place, as some have. A couple of weeks ago a very nice Chinese man called me at 2am. He was standing out front and couldn’t find my place even though I go into great detail in the standard stuff the guest receives after booking. His English was good but he didn’t have a smart phone and my instructions were written on a piece of paper that he didn’t want to get out of his backpack. Oh well. Just part of doing business I suppose :slight_smile:

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Nice Place, @David_Smith

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I think it might be more the tourist destination thing. My place still comes up first on every Oak Island NC search. I’ve had several people check for me. Everyone is dead here. Checked with a few other local hosts. The problem with being in a seasonal area.

I know this is an old post. We were looking at buying in forest glen at one point. Did the new laws completely kill the ability to Airbnb?