Re-enter your tax info?

Hello, I have recently received a couple of emails from Kelli Fridge < I have gone to and looked at the info they claim that the IRS in the US is requiring. I changed my address, but everything else is correct. My SS#, my name, my business type, its all correct. Here is a copy of the email. Is anyone else getting these?

Hello Valued Host,

Re-enter your tax info

The taxpayer information you submitted recently received a failed validation status from the IRS. Please check a recent email you received from Airbnb with the same subject line, which contains the specific form and reason that needs updating.

You’ll need to log in and re-enter your information as soon as possible.

You’ll need to log in and re-enter your information no later than January 15, 2022 to have this information reflect on your 2021 Form 1099-K.

How to update your tax info

  1. Login to

  2. Go to Account > Payments & payouts > Taxes

  3. To change your tax ID number, Business entity name, or tax classification

  4. Delete the existing form

  5. Add a new form, fill it out and submit

  6. To change your taxpayer name

  7. Go to the ••• menu next to the tax info you’re updating, and select Edit to open the form

  8. Update your name and re-submit the form

What will happen if you do not take action

We proactively validate taxpayer information to prevent issuing inaccurate Form 1099/1042 tax documents. If the tax document does not contain a valid TIN, the IRS will inform Airbnb to apply tax withholding to your account in the following tax year until corrected tax info is provided.

Get help

[Common errors when completing Form W-9]

[How to complete Form W-9
[Changing your taxpayer information ]

[Frequently asked questions about taxes]

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Unfortunately I am not surprised you are having trouble. AirBnb was bound to screw this up for some hosts. Next they will stop paying you or whatever the threat was when they asked for the information in November. I would pause my listing until you get it sorted out if it were me.


I did some research and it does seem an actual request from airbnb, as the company is an airbnb owned company. So I just wrote her back. I was mostly interested if anyone else had received this kind of request? I haven’t input any “new” tax info, so this request seems to be part of some kind of automated system glitch.

Interesting to see that Airbnb now have individuals stating their preferred pronouns.

As an aged, grumpy Glaswegian, with a very low tolerance level for fools, trolls and sea lions, I’m now wondering how I can exploit this to allow myself to have a rude pronoun.

Suggestions on a feckin postcard please.

To the OP, I agree with @RiverRock, sort it before they do something stupid.



You’ve also determined ‘what you identify as’ which is evidently required these days. Taking your lead, I shall identify as an aged, grumpy Yorkshire wino. :slight_smile:


Here we go
An antique loving glamorous chocoholic


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None whatsoever. I thought everyone knew that.

That said, if you give me some notice I’ll head off for another smuggling trip to Gibraltar. So far it’s Guardia Civil zero, me five :wink:



Sin-ver-jerez-a ???

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I, too, read this as alcoholic, not chocoholic.

I identify as a well-aged, sarcasm-is-my-primary-language, bourbon-swilling wino and champagne-aholic
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In other words, you’re just a sarky drunk? You’ll fit in well with the crew then :wink: Better than a grumpy one, or one who’s dialect is unintelligible :rofl:

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I’m sarky all the time. It’s a genetic trait.

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Chocolate with the port. :wink:


Don’t think I missed that, because I didn’t.


It wasn’t a threat, it is not even an Airbnb thing, it is an IRS requirement.

I understand that, but I thought they said they would withhold money or something. I don’t exactly recall rn


Yes, they will will withhold about 30% if they don’t have a properly filled W9 form. That is what the IRS requires them to do.

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And they are withholding it to send to the IRS not to keep.


And for that matter, you can get it back when you file your taxes.


Let me preface this by saying I’m not an accountant or a lawyer; I don’t even profess to be one on TV.

For those that didn’t know, one of the bills passed to cover the pandemic now requires the AirBnB to report to the IRS all income received for a host over $600. It used to be either over $20,000 or over 200 transactions. Be aware of this come tax time.