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Raunchy Airbnb confessions revealed


Thought I’d share this with y’all - https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-advice/accommodation/raunchy-airbnb-confessions-revealed/news-story/ec36ef7135b3ea38b041c91e822661bf

Anyone else have the same pet peeves? :rofl:


No tomatoes under the ottoman, I see…

Where on earth were the hosts or the co-hosts or the friendly neighbours or the security cameras when these places were being trashed? Destructive behaviour seriously puzzles me because in my (pretty long) lifetime it’s my experience that 99,9% of people are perfectly respectable. Where do these thugs come from? Are they bred on a special bad-guest-breeding-farm or something? And if they are simply thugs, how do they afford to stay in Airbnbs? Aha - is the answer that they choose gullible hosts who don’t realise the value of what they offer and believe that the best way to get guests is by offering the cheapest possible accommodation?

Got it. Problem solved. :slight_smile:


I like the fact that 53% of guests say that they had sex (it’s definitely more than that in our rentals!) but only 32% admitted to leaving bodily fluids on the sheets. Now admittedly there are those who said that their sexual activities took place in the shower or elsewhere but even so…


I have a great walk in shower that’s more than 6ft long x 3 ft wide and has a hand held attachment. More than once I’ve found soaking wet towels in there. Also I never hear sex sounds and almost never have stains. Lots of people compliment the “great shower.” I hate thinking about the wasted water but…


Oh the joy of listing single rooms!


WOWZA. Guess we’re lucky. Nothing nasty happening here. We have 2 upstairs rooms, we live downstairs, and all guests have been lovely. Some neater than others, but I figure cleaning is part and parcel of hosting.


Guests behave very differently when the host shares the home with them! I’d never be comfortable renting out my whole house and leaving.


No definitely not, maybe with a good co-host. I was thinking of investing very locally, so I can visit it ‘with breakfast supplies’ every day. Control is good lol.

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