Rating without a review, is that possible?

Well, we just got our first 3-star rating from a group of people who did not care at all for our rules. They were just a headache. I was expecting something terrible from them but what I got was a 3 star rating and a review that consists of this: “L.” For “loser” perhaps, I don’t know. But then, in the private feedback they gave us 5 stars on every category. Needless to say, I’d love to see this 3-star rating go away, but I’m not sure it violates Airbnb’s content rules? Any suggestions on how to approach my request to Airbnb?

Well, Romaga, that’s an odd situation.
I’d call Airbnb and ask if they will review the private feedback and consider contacting the guest to ask for clarification.
It’s possibly an error, on the guests’ part, and even if you receive no assistance from the Air staff, you’ll have lost nothing more. Worth a try, I think, and good luck with it all.

I once got a completely blank review. Maybe it was a blank space - who knows. And “L’” is non-empty, so presumably counts as a review. It seems there is no length limit on reviews.

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An Airbnb host near me got the review “no comment”

Our one and only problem review left us 2 stars across the board and the review reads “N” we assumed was N for no?! They left the place a total mess. I politely messaged them to ask if they were in a hurry or why they left the garbage disposal filled with dog food and obvious dog piddle piles. She chose to not respond but leave me that review and stated in private feedback the place stunk like cats. This was interesting as cats have never been up there. It really irked me but thankfully we have enough positive reviews it only dropped our 5 star percentage one point and we have enough newer reviews hers is finally bumped to page 2.
I do not think you will be able to get yours removed so just keep doing the good work you are already doing.

Early this year, I had a middle-aged, pleasant-looking couple stay for a week. Oddly, they had three very good reviews to their credit but I could not locate their reviews of the hosts and I knew the dates they stayed.

They were communicative and left the condo tidy - all my guests do, actually. I sent the usual note of thanks and that I would be very grateful if they submitted a review of their stay. The Mrs. answered that they thoroughly enjoyed their stay and that she wrote “a very complimentary review” and would appreciate one in return. I was thrilled and waited for Air’s notification but it never came.

After a few days, I called CS and asked if the couple’s review was received. CS said nothing came in. I let the guest know and she said she would check with Air or submit it again.

It sounded fishy to me. To prompt a show of hands, I sent in my review which read: “Review pending” and no ratings.

A few days later, the review period was up and my “review” was published. There was nothing from the guest. It was an “aha moment” for me. She obviously garnered good reviews for themselves and did nothing in return for hosts.

The woman sent me a note and was aghast at my “review”. She asked if there is any way she can still submit a review because they want to return next year. Since I had no intention of letting them return, I didn’t reply.

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