Rates to charge? ...extra $ for children and accidents ... same as for any extras?

He just hosted a sweet family last night. They checked out about 10 AM. (listing states by noon.) They were a nice couple and with a quiet and shy little girl who only knew French, about 5 years old… Between 4 and 6, for sure. The parents spoke both English and French. They had excellent communication regarding arrival time. It was set at $ 40 / night, plus another $10 for any guests after first 2 persons. So, they paid out $50 and we already each left good reviews for each other. (although I gave only 4 for cleanliness) but 5 for everything else and recommended them.

We’re not an optimal location, but I do good job of cleaning up after every guest, offering several variety of breakfast items, kitchen space and dishes, being very friendly hostess, being here for them to answer questions about area, and have one of those mag holders with tourist info in the bedroom, and so on.

The young girl did have a urine accident, so I had to do some extra work to wash ALL of the bedding, not just the sheets. THANK GOODNESS, this happened on the only bed that has a water proof mattress protector on it. The parents I’m sure were embarrassed and quite apologetic about it happening and told me she really doesn’t do that anymore. The girl was eager to show me cell phone video / pictures of their beautiful Samoyed dog, they left dog at home.

My in-laws visited for the past weekend, and we even got new (but cheap) sheets, and put on some matching bedding, because one of the ones we were using had a tiny old stain. (I will soon update a picture of this for listing) I told my mother-in-law, who raised 3 kids, and she just said "that’s what washing machines are for :smiley: "

We are still new at this, and actually appear to be right on the edge of earning superhost status, although I don’t think we will quite make it for this quarter. I know people are looking for great deals. But, am I still charging too little? It seems like the effort I put in to host them, my time, water and power to wash all of the bedding mattress cover and blanket too, offering some breakfast foods … might be borderline ummmm very tiny profit.

*** Should I add a clearly stated household rule that any guest under the age of ??? (eight ???), sleep on the bed that has the waterproof cover on it?

*** Should I invest in buying a 2nd waterproof cover, just because of the possibility of this happening again?

*** Additional rate for children? and extras people?

I wouldn’t charge a different rate for children vs other people.

It sounds like you have a decent amount of reviews now, I would increase your price a bit. Better to be booked 80% of the time at a higher rate: less work, same money!

I would have a waterproof cover on every mattress used by guests. I’ve had cycle accidents, dirty feet, pets in bed, etc.


I think it was so mean and unnecessary to mark your guests down to 3 for cleanliness if all that happened was their little girl had an accident.

I am sure you clean all the bedding between guests, so not too much extra work.

If you are going to accept children that age, then you need to accept accidents happen. They told you about this and were apologetic, so why mark them down for something beyond their control.

Children in stressful situations (including sleeping somewhere new can wet the bed).

In terms of your prices, it sounds cheap but check against comparable property in local areas.


I’d put mattress protectors on all the beds which guests use. They’re not expensive.

(I see @Sarah_Warren covered this already, but I didn’t notice.)


This is a rare incident. The bed was protected so you should let it go. I might have charged the guest for extra laundry rather than give the markdown. They probably would have gladly paid the extra $25 I would have charged to do all that laundry.

In 7.5 years of hosting I have never had a guest pee accident on the bed. I have a new mattress and have been meaning to get a protector, yikes! Should do so now.

Yes, you are charging way too little. The other option is not to allow children at all. You can’t charge more for them. Air has a rule against that.

I’ll start investing in those, I guess! Maybe I can find low priced ones online.

And pull my prices up a bit, plus update photo with a pic of newly matching bedding. https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/16762562?preview

So, what is appropriate rates? Right now it is 30 to 40ish and up to 55 at time of events. + 10 additional after 2.

Would this make sense? $50 weekdays $60 or $65 weekends +10 for extra people after 1 …?

I just looked at hotels .com and a family of 2 adults and a 5 year old could stay at some places for as low as $80, though most of them were over 100

oops, I meant 4 for cleanliness, 5 for everything else, good review, and recommended.

I just checked Amazon and this looks decent… What do you think?https://www.amazon.com/LINENSPA-Premium-Mattress-Protector-Hypoallergenic/dp/B00MW4ZK8O/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1490719228&sr=8-7&keywords=waterproof+mattress+cover+twin

I thought these costed a lot more, but it does say retail was 69, Amazon at 15… wow.

We have prime. I just searched waterproof mattress protector twin.

overall 5, just lower in one thing. You’re probably right. Is there a way to change it to all 5, after submitted?

No way to change it now.
If I were you I would charge $75 weekends and $65 weekdays.
You will still get bookings.


I just checked Amazon and this looks decent… What do you think? … https://www.amazon.com/LINENSPA-Premium-Mattress-Protector-Hypoallergenic/dp/B00MW4ZK8O/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1490719228&sr=8-7&keywords=waterproof+mattress+cover+twin

I thought these costed a lot more, but it does say retail was 69, Amazon at 15… wow.

We have prime. I just searched waterproof mattress protector twin.[quote=“Sarah_Warren, post:2, topic:12859”]
I would have a waterproof cover on every mattress used by guests. I’ve had cycle accidents, dirty feet, pets in bed, etc.

I have that exact mattress pad on all my beds. I like it because it doesn’t sound or feel like plastic under the sheets. I didn’t get the nice sale price when I bought mine, though. :grimacing:

@TuMo. These protectors don’t make your hot during the summer months? Are they breathable at all?

I did my research haha, and ended up picking a different one. It had better reviews listed. Same great pricing though. (love amazon!) When you click on sort by top reviews, this one comes on the top… (I was worried, because I recall the Bed bath and beyond prices… and then I tossed in with sheets and the elastic strap on 1 corner got messed up.) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06W2MPWHT/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I ordered one and will get 2 more if we like this one.

wondering the same thing.

I ordered this one and didn’t like it. It’s now part of a giant dog bed I made.

Then I tried this one. I like the idea of completely encasing the whole mattress to protect against bedbugs and people flipping the mattress over after a spill or something. I bought it in September when it is still summer here for many weeks. No one has complained about it being hot or crinkly. I’ve gotten nothing but compliments on the bed.

@KKC. Have you slept on it? In New England, we don’t use A/C until it gets pretty hot, so I worry that a plasticized cover on the mattress will encourage more A/C days. I think @AnneRunner5 might have the same concern. Until VERY recently, you would never see an air conditioner in Vermont.

I have but only for a night. I can’t recall what the weather was like. Considering our shoulder seasons are like summer in other parts of the country (highs in the 80s, lows in the 60s) I feel it would be okay up north. If people complain this summer I’ll come back and report. Children don’t stay here so I could take a chance and remove it in the peak of summer if I get complaints.

The fist one is what I am considering getting. You don’t like it?

@KKC. I would love it if our summers only had those temperatures, but our “hot” days are increasing with highs in the 90’s and the lows above 70º, which is my magic A/C number for sleeping [don’t forget the high humidity.] So I worry that, the nights that do cool off to the 60º’s might require A/C if the pad is too warm. With the increased number of A/C days, our overhead for the house has increased substantially. The summer used to be the dirt cheap time, and you saved your pennies in order to heat in the Winter.

I will look forward to your review as your summer months roll in.