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Rate of pay for cleaners while overseas

Hello I’m in Australia melbourne and I charge 90-130 a night for a small 2 bedroom apartment. What is a fair rate of pay while I’m overseas and entrusting a cleaner to do my change over , it takes about 2 hours. With apps like airtasker it’s seemingly chaps now to get a cleaning service but I want to make sure I’m paying a fair amount. I would love some feedback. Thanks heaps

I imagine in varies in different areas. Can you clarify that it takes only two hours? Our rental is a small one bedroom and it takes at least three hours, often four or five.

What takes four to five hours?

@felixcat - Ready for this??? Changing the bed and all linens such as towels, shower curtain (and liner), beach towels, covers for throw pillows, bathmat, throw blankets, napkins, dish towels etc. (Full kitchen). Full cleaning of entire apartment including pelmets, ceiling fans, windows (inside only), woodwork, bathroom (yuk), window ledges etc.

Vacuum mattress and sofa, love seat and ottoman. Sweep and mop all floors. Check linen closet and main closet including items such as beach chairs, umbrella, cooler, iron, ironing board and clean and tidy as necessary. Dust all surfaces, AC vents etc. Lint-roll inside drawers of 2 dressers, two nightstands and bookshelf cupboard.

Thoroughly clean kitchen including microwave, toaster, coffee machine, cafetiere, kettle, cooker, fridge etc. Check all plates, bowls, cups, glasses and cutlery. (Guests usually do the dishes but not well enough). Check and clean all pans, casserole dishes, etc. Clean kitchen cabinets, floor and shelves. Check pantry supplies, coffee, tea, creamer and replace as needed. Remove deal flowers/foliage, clean vases and add new. Check, tidy and replace tourist guides, local restaurant menus, takeout menus, money-off coupons, local magazines and books. Clean all mirrors.

Check all appliances and turn on as required (lamps, overhead lighting, AC, cooking facilities, TV, exterior light etc. Clean remotes. Empty trash as necessary and add new trash bags to waste bins (kitchen, bedroom and bathroom). Replenish under-sink supplies such as dish soap, sponge, dishrag, laundry liquid etc. Replenish toiletries in basket and emergency supplies in bathroom cabinet. Add new paper towel to kitchen and toilet paper and spare to bathroom.

Remove any food left by guests, arrange guest welcome snacks, breakfast starter kit, bottled water etc. Add manual (we leave one every time as we encourage guests to take it as a souvenir), personalised welcome card and personalised list of local events. Sweep patio, clean two patio chairs and table. Remove butts from ashcan if necessary. Sweep dock and clean dock furniture.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten plenty!

THEN, I need half an hour to transform this bedraggled old hag of a cleaning lady into something slightly more respectable to greet the new guests :slight_smile:

Niika, I’ve applied for some of your posts on Airtasker. I oddly charge not per hour but buy how many bedrooms and bathrooms and whether you want laundering or not. So, say for example you have a one bedroom studio in St Kilda, I would charge a flat fee of $70 for the clean, replacing of linen and laundering. If it’s 2 bed one bath it’s $90 with linen any more beds or baths it’s $120 all with laundering. Does that work?

Sorry I’ve only just seen some of the responses to my cleaning question while overseas. I pay $60-70 atm. I think it’s what I can afford and is generally the cost being covered by other Airbnb hosts I know locally . My cleaners might have 3 cleans in one week so they are happy with this rate of pay

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