Rant! Why does it have to be so hard?

I just made a reservation as a guest - a whole house rental, place with great reviews and in an isolated location for hiking.

But, if I wasn’t a fan of the Airbnb concept and if I had other, easier options I would be really put off by the reservation experience. I have been a superhost for 4 years, a traveler for several years before hosting, and an advocate for Airbnb in my local community serving as a mentor to several new hosts. It has been a long time since we signed up so I don’t remember all of the details but it should be safe to say Airbnb should have a record of who I am…yet I had to “verify” my idenity by providing a copy of a government ID (driver’s license) before the request to book would go through.

On one hand, I’m glad Airbnb is provideding another layer of security, on the other hand it was frustrating to have to jump through yet another hoop to get the opportunity to request to book. (It wasn’t as difficult as I expected. I was able to hold up my license to the webcam and take a photo. I thought I’d have to find a scanner.)

I’m probably just being super irritable because I also had difficulty locating the Superhost coupon code - I’m using a differnet device than the one that has my email on it and it took a while to find the code as I poked around the site.

Well, enough complaining! Hope the host accepts my request…I need to see a different set of walls for a few days and maybe a waterfall or two!

You would have only been asked to provide gov ID if you hadn’t provided it when you set up your profile and when you go to pay your SH credit automatically shows up so you can choose to use it against the booking @Terryathome :grin::grin::grin:

Enjoy :grin:

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The ID process may have changed or have someone buggy about it. I new to Airbnb guest is having trouble completing their enrollment; something about they’ve attempted to submit their ID a couple different ways and are unsuccessful.

In Japan…flight canceled… needed a single night in Tokyo. 3 year super host and they won’t let me book without uploading ID. Only had my phone and it took HOURS!

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For me, anyway, I am SO glad that ID is required for guests - as hosts, this will be yet another way that airbnb protects our homes and loved ones by making guests more ‘real’.


Sorry, I’m not sympathetic. You are complaining about uploading a photo of your ID in order to book someone’s home when all you had to do was hold your ID up to the webcam?
You really do need a break if that sets you off! Good luck - hopefully the owner accepts your request and your stress level lowers.


I agree 100%. It seems that some hosts have no idea what a pain in the ass reserving an Airbnb can be. Airbnb should give hosts who also use Airbnb as guests a boost in the search function. Ha, or maybe they do.

This is why I always use the IB filter first and only RTB if there is literally nothing else available.

I’ve had a couple of situations as a host where the guest had trouble getting the ID accepted. In one case they were on the road traveling in an emergency situation. Airbnb was no help and I found a way to book them directly using my Rover.com dog sitter account. When they arrived they showed me their military ID and paid me cash. I won, Airbnb lost.

OTOH, hosts are always complaining about Airbnb not checking on guests so this is the other side of the coin.


My issue is always the search process. I never found a way to put properties on my “no way” list. So I end up writing the names down or looking at the same one multiple times.
The difficulty of the rest of the booking process is very owner-dependent.

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Since I search first with SH and IB filters on, that helps a lot. If I could search by star rating that would help even more.

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Update - request was accepted (after 2 attempts to upload the ID), got a good night sleep, coffee, and a beautiful day outside. All is right in my world again!


Congrats. Good luck on the waterfalls. Sounds lovely.

This is OT but couldn’t find the thread about hosting a host. Got a request from someone that didn’t have any reviews. I noticed, I think after accepted that it said “host”. I thought it used to be easier to see info about people after it was accepted. She is verified and sent a nice note, but “host”.

I don’t think it is that easy right now. My potential guests are having difficulty. You know how the Airbnb programming constantly changes. I think it’s a bit buggy right now

All the hosts I have hosted have been fine. They’re no different from the rest of the general population. Some will be great, some won’t. “Host” isn’t a red flag, IMO.

Not sure what you mean by “used to be easier to see information”. What information? You can see a guest’s profile and reviews when you receive an inquiry or request.

Wasn’t much of a profile, just wanted to see her rental. I’ve traveled a lot staying in Airs and no way I’d be critical unless something was really amiss.
OT. I saw a few days ago that you used to live on Vancouver Island. We were nearly neighbors as I lived in Seattle and rural NW for almost 40 years until about 6 years ago. Wasn’t a host back then.

I think I know what you are talking about? When first signing up for an airbnb account I think it prompts users to become a host as well. Even if they’ve never hosted their profile will say “also a host”.


Why do you think that? The only guest accounts I’ve seen for my guests that said “Also a host” were for guests who actually were at some point, even though they may no longer have an active listing.

Because there are no listings associated with the account and no reviews as a host, they only have reviews as being guests. Someone on here told me some time ago that it’s easy to sign up as a “Host”, and by doing so you don’t even need to create a listing. I’ve had a handful of guests where their profile says “Also a host”, but they were not and never hosted. At least not yet!

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This site has a search function. Just click on the magnifying glass icon.

Interesting. I did have one guest who had that on her profile, and same, no listing or host reviews. She said she used to host, for a really short time, but the place had been under her roomate’s profile, they were sharing the hosting.

No reason to disbelieve her, she was a really nice guest who stayed for 2 weeks in my home-share, so I had enough interaction with her to know she wouldn’t be lying, and there was no reason for her to do so.

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