Random question, is it normal for young boys to pee all over the toilet?

i have a dilemma, im not sure whether to give a bad review re cleanliness or if it’s just the nature of the game if you allow children!

there were sticky handprints all over the walls at 3-year-old height level and the toilet was so dirty (do young boys not no how to pee?) there was a 3-year-old and a 9-year-old boy staying. they only stayed for 2 days and cleaning took me twice as long as normal. the towels were stained and covered in dirt, or poop i’m not sure. (just kidding i smelt it, pretty sure not poop) it did wash out but very annoying.

so the question is. are children just dirtier or does this warrant a mention on cleanliness???

IMHO it warrants a Private, not Public mention about “having to spend extra time cleaning up dirt and urine stains on walls and in the bathroom because of your children…”

Knock them down a star on cleanliness since they didn’t bother to look, think, or do anything about.

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Of course you should leave a bad review. Children have parents and it is up to the parents to clean up after their children, if they can’t use a toilet properly and leave sticky handprints.

You can just say in the review that you were disappointed to find the property was left in a much dirtier state then it normally is by your guests including a dirty toilet and sticky handprints on the walls, resulting in it taking you twice as long as normal to clean.


men are not very good with targeting in general


Some men just urinate all over the place as if they are marking their territory. It hasn’t happened in our BnB, but I even have family members who I have yelled at, for not at least having the decency to clean up their sprinkles: " :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Sit down if you can’t aim and/or clean up!"

Mention it in a nice way in the private feedback and mark them down.


I’ve been in private houses where there is a sign on the toilet that says “If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie

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I would say yes, it’s normal for young boys to pee all over the toilet and it’s also normal for their parents to make sure it’s damn well cleaned up!! Honestly, some people …


If you do not publicly mention what happened, then all of the hosts who will host them in the future will never know, expect, or prepare for this bad parenting. Next stay the 3 year old might do something worse somewhere else.

The parent (who booked the place) is to be held accountable for the condition they left.

Hi Cocoanouk,

This is why I no longer take children under 12. I've had some real disasters and parents seem to let their children have the run of my house, which I don't appreciate. I had one 9 year old boy make a beeline to the refrigerator the moment he arrived and luckily, I was able to block him. For me, it's really not worth it to allow kids. It's also a liability because I have steep steps in my 200 + year old house. 
People don't read my listing and end up trying to bring kids. I always have to write back and explain.

My 5 yo boy pees everywhere and it’s fn disgusting. Before we leave a unit, I try to make sure to wipe up with a paper towel but that really only removes superficial urine and I always hope people are doing a thorough clean around the toilet. The last step of our cleaning process during our own turnovers is to use the steam mop to sterilize the area around the toilet.

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My 3 year old is usually great at aiming. So no, it’s not normal for it to be everywhere.

I had boyfriends tell me that when they were kids they sometimes even peed in the wastebasket on accident! lol

A sign that my [eccentric] mother had in our guest bathroom growing up:

"We Aim To Please.

Appreciate If You’d

Aim Too, Please. "

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I’ve just splashed out on a new pair of shoes!


Parents are responsible for their kids. They should have cleaned up after them. I’d mention it in the review. My mother trained me well. Seat up when you pee, wipe the rim when you’re done, put the seat down. Either that or sit down to pee.

By way of a sort of parallel experience, our last guests had two boys (4 & 2 yrs). They left saying they’d chipped a toast rack and offered to pay, but we just excepted it as wear and tear (we also found the chip and stuck it back on).
We then went to prep for our next gues and found a vintage blanket with holes in and our leather sofas with scratches. Putting on our Sherlock Holmes hats we concluded the damage was probably caused by their boys shoes.
Now we really liked the couple and it may be they hadn’t noticed the damage, given they’d mentioned the toast rack. In any event we decided to give positive public feedback on the couple (no mention of their kids) and then in private feedback point out the issues for their future reference.
We will not seek compensation, rather see it as a lesson for the future. Any guests with young children, particullarly boys, will be asked to agree to keeping them off furniture with shoes on and only using our throws as blankets.
We did wrestle on whether to thumbs up or down and tried skipping that stage and to our surprise we could! Another lesson learnt.


Yes, guests and hosts can skip just about any part of the review as I have learned when “location” was eliminated from one of my reviews and I thought ABB had finally done away with it. Wishful thinking!