Random host name showing up

Is anyone else having this issue. I just searched our place incognito and scrolled down and noticed it said “This is Lois” place", and then it said “Karl and Arlene help host”. Actually it should say it’s Karl’s place and I help host. I went back and previewed our listing and now it shows that it’s Susan and Oz’s place. It’s really strange!!!

And now its Bonnie’s place, very odd.


Better call Air, what if Bonnie or Lois gets your payments!!!

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Yikes! My co-hosted place is also shown as being owned by “Martha”…, WHO’S MARTHA?
and reloading the page it now says it’s owned by “Paulo & Lillian”.

… guys check out your co-hosted listing preview on PC. Crazy, this bug!



Yep, mine belongs to Francesca in Milan Italy and my co host and I are listed as co-hosts. But I’ve been getting paid, including my payment this morning.

It’s part of the new inclusiveness of Airbnb. They’re calling it the Romper Room Random Host Name Generator - just keep reloading until the random name generator comes up with your name. See, you can host, too! /s


Funny bug. I kept hitting refresh just to see who would come up.

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