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Quickbooks - Chart of Accounts


Hello everyone!!

I am setting up my QuickBooks - Chart of Accounts right now.

Does anyone have a chart of accounts template that you can share?

I am running two Airbnb Homes under (1) Business Entity.

Thank you!!


https://stratafolio.com/setting-up-a-chart-of-accounts-for-your-real-estate-company/ Use the detailed on do NOT use the one that says it’s for multiple properties that’s a nightmare and not the proper accounting CofA

In Quickbooks you’ll have to turn on “class tracking” in the preferences so that you can book income and expenses for Unit 1 and Unit 2 for example

I own an accounting firm and have multiple clients with 2 - 20 properties that I track in the same file for one entity
If you want to turn this all over to a professional contact me sue@mobileaccountantaz.com and check out www.mobileaccountantaz.com - I have clients locally as well as out of state


And considering this is an international forum…I wish you luck!

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