Quickbooks - Chart of Accounts

Hello everyone!!

I am setting up my QuickBooks - Chart of Accounts right now.

Does anyone have a chart of accounts template that you can share?

I am running two Airbnb Homes under (1) Business Entity.

Thank you!!

https://stratafolio.com/setting-up-a-chart-of-accounts-for-your-real-estate-company/ Use the detailed on do NOT use the one that says it’s for multiple properties that’s a nightmare and not the proper accounting CofA

In Quickbooks you’ll have to turn on “class tracking” in the preferences so that you can book income and expenses for Unit 1 and Unit 2 for example

I own an accounting firm and have multiple clients with 2 - 20 properties that I track in the same file for one entity
If you want to turn this all over to a professional contact me sue@mobileaccountantaz.com and check out www.mobileaccountantaz.com - I have clients locally as well as out of state

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And considering this is an international forum…I wish you luck!

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What exactly do you mean by “found”, as in had you lost them, or just forgotten about them?

Would it not be more accurate to say “we OWN a software”. Misleading members, when you’re trying to promote a product or service, is never likely to end well.

On the basis that you’ve now managed to post links to your business twice in the past twenty four hours, on old topics, how many more do you intend to post?

Accounting processes are of great importance to hosts, which is why I’m wondering why should anyone pay you a minimum of $30 per month for a product that is still in Beta stage?

Simple definition from Wikipedia:

Beta, named after the second letter of the Greek alphabet, is the software development phase following alpha. Software in the beta stage is also known as betaware. A Beta phase generally begins when the software is feature complete but likely to contain a number of known or unknown bugs.

A serious case of Caveat Emptor.


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Ummm, that what folks do here, post on topics.

Irrespective of content, your post is clearly both self promoting and misleading. If you’d been up front and declared an interest in the product you are promoting, instead of amateurishly trying to hide the fact, I wouldn’t have bothered a jot.

Well of course you’d feel that way, nobody likes called out when they are being disingenuous, do they?

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So I have QB and have a seperate account for each business, although I consider the STR to be an extension of my real estate business. I use QB online and pay twice. Would this be a way around that?



Why golly, JF, he’s snuck in ANOTHER link. Go have a sherry y cálmate.

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My current locale is irrelevant. I’ve worked in SoftDev for almost forty years, the majority in Europe and the Middle East, and from an end user perspective using Latin, Cyrillic and Arabic languages.

If I had said to a few of my clients that my product was “quite robust”, and it wasn’t (which I suspect yours isn’t) then the chances are I’d have lost more than a few dollars…

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AIRBNB ACCOUNTING SETUP GUIDE: Definitely take a look at this comprehensive guide, which gives an in-depth rundown about accounting and bookkeeping for Airbnb for both QuickBooks and Xero: Airbnb Accounting & Bookkeeping: A Comprehensive Guide

CHART OF ACCOUNTS & TEMPLATES: There’s several ways to set up QuickBooks. As some Airbnb hosts own their listings, other hosts manage listings on behalf of an owner, while some rent and sublease - these are all legitimate business models and result in different chart of accounts. You can find several sets of templates for each chart of account setup here: Import QuickBooks Chart of Accounts Template for Airbnb Income

CLASSES: Classes are great for tracking financial activity between more than one Airbnb listing to see how much you’re making from each listing.

AIRBNB & QUICKBOOKS AUTOMATION: I found that BNBTALLY is absolutely amazing at this. My accountant set me up with it over a year ago and it saves me a tone of time. Plus they have great reviews on the QuickBooks app store: Airbnb & QuickBooks Integration | BNBTALLY