Quick way to reach out to former guests

Dear Fellow Hosts, wishing you a happy holiday season, and thanking you for the good advice and for sharing your experiences. I have learned a lot from all of you.
Question: other than doing it one by one, is there any way to send a group mailing to all of my guests wishing them happy holidays?

No. And yes.

If you download all your reservations back to the beginning from your Airbnb software (maybe just from the computer), you can convert the data to a spreadsheet. Each page of the data comes in as a separate comma-delimited page, but you can combine them all into one spreadsheet.

That’s the easy part.

Then you should have cell phones for everyone—or nearly everyone.

If you want to contact people via text (off the Airbnb platform), you could do that using their cell numbers, one after another, from the spreadsheet.

Now if you keep the spreadsheet updated and add a column for email addresses that you collect from your guests, you could send a group email, ideally with all the addresses in the bcc field.

So a definite no. And yes.

This is the only way I know to do it. If there’s a better way, I’d be interested to hear it.

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No, not unless you have collected all their private email addresses (which I do).

And I do not know about the US, but I would have to ask the guests consent before I include them in any mailing lists (which I also do).

@RebeccaF; @Chris Thank you for your replies. I will check Rebecca’s suggestion.

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Be careful.

Altough your intentions are good, you are still sending them unsolicited messages.
I do not know how AirBnB will react to that when a former guest complains.

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You can send individual emails but if you send a group email (even with addresses hidden) it’s considered a mailing list and in the US you need to get the email addressee’s permission. If not, your email address can be put on a spam black list and blocked by many hosting clients.

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I did this last year, in the form of a quick message thru the ABB platform along the lines of: thanks for being our guests and making our first year as hosts a wonderful experience, happy holidays … Yada, yada :wink:

I had to send individually to each guest … which allowed me to leave out Michael aka Frat-Boy guest from hell. No good tidings to that meathead. :joy: