Quick Survey for Hosts - Property Management

Hi All,

I am new to the group and would love to hear thoughts from hosts around the world about Property Management. It would mean a lot if I could get some responses as it only takes about 2-3 minutes to complete. So if you could find time in your busy days to answer a few questions, that would be very much appreciated! Unfortunately not letting me post links - so I’ve substituted the full stops for (dot)'s. Thanks - E


Also, any constructive feedback abot the survey is welcome. As you can tell I never write surveys so construction may be off. TIA :slightly_smiling_face:

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You really need to tell us why you want answers on your survey, and what you want to do with the answers. A working link would be better


Of course sorry I should’ve been a lot more clearer. The answers will be for myself only, I am looking at creating a platform for hosts that will allow them to manage their listings with ease. Also looking into short term rental management that will take the work load off hosts (e.g. cleaning, maintenance, greeting guests, listings etc). Still in extremely early days but wanted to see the thoughts of current hosts before exploring the idea further. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

So you want free market research?
This may not be the place to ask.


I’m available and more than willing to help.

€150 or so would unlock my font of knowledge.



the STR industry has many, many PMS for Hosts. Then there’s Properly. You don’t say what country you’re going to focus. I will be reasonable and either charge you $200 for an hour or a % of site ownership.


One feature I’ll like to see is STR operators operating more professionally . Something i’ve noticed that is consistently missing in a STR property management company is the lack of qualified “managers”. A qualified manager has to know about local rental regulations, local council laws, etc.

Also many of these “property management” companies tend to overpromise, and do not take care of your homes as well as some reputable real property management companies do. A solid well reputed property management company in my country will perform a half-yearly check that scruitinizes every portion of the house - but when i switched over to Airbnb, the STR “property manager” visited all but once. The condition of the house was less than desirable and there was honey in the cabinet from a broken bottle left behind by a guest.

Sorry, busy running a business here. “It would mean a lot” to you is not enough incentive to me to participate. Good luck in your venture.

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Same offer to you then :slight_smile: €150 and I’ll revolutionise your STR strategy.

Funny old thing is that so many posters on here do " know about local rental regulations" etc.