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Quick survey about AirBnB and business travel

Hello all,

I am currently doing my dissertation on AirBnB usage and how business-oriented Millennial travelers use AirBnB.

Now I’m not sure of the forum rules, but you kind folks could help fill out this short survey, much would be appreciated!

Here is the surveymonkey link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FPCRY7L

Thank you all in advanced,


And you will pay how much? The millionth survey request!


Sorry, I had no idea this forum would have so many surveys!

Well, if you want me to be truthfully honest, I was not anticipating a payout.

There is no payout, and I don’t expect people to do the survey without one. But then again, there are some nice people out there.

Once again, sorry that I have failed to realize that that you kind folks have been subjected to many surveys in the past!

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Yes, we have and some of them were completely incoherent! We are hosts just trying to help each other, but thanks for your kind understanding!


Put your survey on Mturk and offer hosts a few dollars for filling it out :slight_smile:


Can you filter by host on MTurk??! Have been wishing that was possible!

No, you can’t. But you can ask hosts who are doing your questionnaire to add a link to their listing. Then you can ask them questions about how long they have been hosting, what type of listing they have etc.

Sure, there might be some people who fill out the questionnaire and use a random listing but these can be checked against the answers to the other questions.And really, why would anyone bother doing that?

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