Quick Review Question

Hello everyone
I just thought I’d get your advice about a review I need to leave for last weeks nutcase guest. Long story short they left 3 days early.
But as I was cleaning I noticed all the reading material and some cool local history books are no where to be found.
Can I mention this in her review? I won’t accuse her of anything or should I just let it go?
I really think she walked off with my stuff because she was mad and hysterical.
Thanks in advance

If she’s insane maybe she just hid them?

No I looked very carefully for them. Shes a writer so maybe she took them for research?
I’m kinda pissed about it.

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Add something to the effect that “…nearly all our local history books and other reading materials seem to have disappeared when the guest checked out.” You don’t want to call her a “thief” – you can’t prove it – but you can certainly imply it.


Screw that, accuse her, review her last minute then send a request for payment.

Why let her off the hook? Also why did she leave early, what are you leaving out? Inquiring minds need to know…




Look at my “guest tried to ruin mother’s day” thread for the full story
And I’m waiting to the last minute to review!

Oh I saw that. I see no reason to let the thief off the hook.

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