Quick question about pet fees

This will depend on if ABB does her taxes for her or if she also remits taxes on her own. Example: pet fees are charged lodging tax in NC. So if she is an area where pet fees are charged lodging tax, and doesn’t remit taxes on her own, then the resolution center won’t work because then she needs to report that revenue along with taxes to the state.

But if she does remit on her own, then the resolution center will good to save on the service fees.

Ok, I stand corrected in reference to taxes. I will, however, keep doing it the way I suggested for now at least. Thank you for explaining it so I (and others) better understand.

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You should either allow it or not. Period. Putting this in your rules guarantees that you will constantly be asked.

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And because the Pets Not Allowed button is checked, the ones you will get asking are already those that are not necessarily trying to follow the rules by seeking lodging that shits them…

This is not my experience. In the 137 stays hosted so far, I’ve allowed 4 to bring dogs, said “no” about an equal number of times, and had one guest I strongly suspect who was told no, and brought in the pet anyway. I have no trouble telling people “no” and my verbiage about it says “in rare cases I may make an exception”