Quick help Scheduled messages

Quick help with scheduled messages

Is there an option to schedule a message to guest before confirmed? I only see “after confirmed” checkin, and checkout…preferably sent right after they first send a request? I have never needed this, but will be on a boat out of service, so it would come in handy.
It’ll be just my luck to be unable to reply in 24 hours…

Thanks for any insights:)

I don’t think it’s possible to set up an automated message before a reservation is confirmed.

The only way from the top of my head would be to make a friend that you can trust a Co-Host and they would be able to send said message manually just in case.

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That’s a good possible way out thanks! We did get a instant book via Glamping hub while I was no internet on the sailboat trip. That guest wrote again about where is the address etc. I did manage to get back to him on our way home, and I’m lucky his booking came in today not yesterday or Saturday, or he might have cancelled.

I’m testing the IB waters on GH, and I don’t really like it…
There’s no automated message you can send to guest before confirmation> I’m just confirming this. I did not know this when I wrote here…

If I were going to be somewhere there was no cell or internet, I might add a note right at the top of my listing that I could just delete when I got back.
“PLEASE NOTE: I am going to be where there is no internet or cell service on xx(date), so if you send an inquiry or request or message, don’t worry if you don’t get a response right away- I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m in range again.”

That’s a good suggestion , Muddy, but you could still get dinged for not replying within 24 hours, if it’s a request.

Yes, you could. I guess the only way to make sure that didn’t happen is to snooze the listing for the day you are out of range, so it doesn’t appear and can’t be booked or requested. Even if you put it on IB, people who don’t qualify for IB can still send a request.

But if you have a 100% response rate, missing one request response within 24 hrs. isn’t a huge deal, either. Your response rate would go down, but probably not enough to knock you out of Superhost criteria.

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