Questions for guest before proceeding

Yes, you are doing very well indeed! Congratulations :slight_smile: Honestly, I would just let the odd complainers go on their way. They’re not worth it. Unless the review says something specific that needs to be rectified or addressed for future guests’ information, don’t dignify it with a reply. The occasional less than good review make you authentic.
That’s my way of looking at things anyway and I’m sticking with it!


Mags may be right. If you don’t have a constant ongoing issue with these things it may be a bit of overkill.

I even put it in my house rules…

Please confirm that the location of xx is a fit before booking! Ask any and all questions before booking in case anything is not clear.

Does it stop anyone from complaining about the location? No, not a single bit.

So we’ve gone from agressive, to soften it up, to good, to maybe overkill.:grin:

I do have the occasional guest who, even though the listing says there is one shared washroom, brings the one shared washroom issue up in their review afterwards.

I also have the occasional guest who, even though the listing says the front room faces a busy street, still mentions it in their review afterwards.

and of course, we all have the same problems with the location issue.

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Well, there’s your answer. It’s only occasional guests who mention things that are already listed. You don’t need to do anything! Look at it this way: they are highlighting things that you already disclose and therefore discouraging people who would find those things a problem. So… compatible guests have more reason to book. Does that make sense? Be positive. People pick up on negativity really quickly and you’re straying dangerously close into that territory!


Yes!! a peanut gallery of opinions! Ask your doctor and pick the one that’s right for you! :rofl::rofl:


“People pick up on negativity really quickly and you’re straying dangerously close into that territory!”

Very true! So wisely put!

Well, that seals it : personalized messages gently reminding people of the things that I need to highlight at reservation time. Nothing more.

Thanks Magwitch and thanks everyone!

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Yeah, less is more sometimes! Best of luck :slight_smile:

@Halifaxy I was providing my opinion based on what you actually said.

“If its an instant booking, I send it immediatley(sp) after receiving the booking” If you have IB turned on this will be most of your bookings.

I’m not quite sure why you got irritated with me for pointing out this would be problematic for you. If your approach leads you to have to cancel the bookings - it’s by definition a problem.

You didn’t mention in your original post that the information in your message is also in your house rules.

Hi Helsi,

No worries. I wasn’t irritated with you at all.


You are contradicting yourself here. You are doing it after as most people would instant

Regardless, I think it will reduce your bookings for no real gain so I would drop it.

Make your listing clear as you can and remember, sending this will not mean that people will NOT ding you ocassionally for the location or noise anyway. So what they said yes’ to you but they can and will still give you 3 and 4 stars from time to time because there are better locales and less noisy ones.

Guests don’t realize Airbnb has created this unrealistic ideal of hosts having to get 5 star reviews for what they offered in the listing. We don’t review hotels like that. My listing has lots of faults and I have been on min 4.9 stars and superhost since I started. I have no idea why. I’m just lucky :four_leaf_clover: as I have noise like you :slight_smile: don’t take it personally


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: these complainers are actually doing you a favour. Their review will stop bigger complainers booking in the first place. Think of it as a blessing :dizzy:

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I was going to say the same thing. It sounds like a business email, not a transaction between people in your own home

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Hi Emily,

Thanks for your response.
Most of my guests are not instant book.

And you are right, I am dropping the idea of the message I was proposing. I think I was getting into end of season burnt-out host mode and getting annoyed with minor details. I will continue sending a nice personalized message for every booking confirming everything instead.

Unrealistic ideal with Airbnb : its almost like there are only two ratings : 5 star = good, 4 star = fail :grin:

Thanks again for your input.