Question for you Floridians

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I couldn’t recall any other Floridians right away. But I have guests coming in May 20 - 26. They are from Florida. They have requested that I provide firewood for their stay.

My question isn’t whether or not I should provide this. My question is if Floridians would typically think it’s normal to start a fire at the end of May.

I did have one group (a couple of years ago) from Chicago who stayed during the Spring and wanted to start a fire - just one girl in the group. I can’t recall the month but it was spring time and warm. I completely understand that to some people it is a new type of experience and something fun for them to do. Especially if they have never had the opportunity to have a fire in a fireplace.

What do you think? Do you think this is just a new experience for them? Or do you think they assume it will be cold in NC?

I am hoping if it is a new experience, then they do at least have prior experience with fires.

All I can say is that we Floridians like the heat!

A few days ago, to give you an example, my phone told me that the temperature here was 78 degrees. I didn’t believe it because I was sitting at the computer wearing my usual jeans and t-shirt plus cardigan and woolly socks. Yet outside on the dock, two out-of-towners were sunbathing. :slight_smile:

I was cold!

It’s funny here when the weather is sub-mid-seventies. I see visitors in bikinis and skimpy clothing but locals are wearing cold weather gear - coats, scarves, boots etc. We freeze but the visitors think it’s wonderfully warm :slight_smile: but for us, it’s a good opportunity to wear the clothes that rarely see the light of day.

I’ve been to places such as New Orleans and Orlando and expected them to have good ‘southern’ weather but I’ve been SO cold there.

Personally I would expect the temps in NC to be pretty cold (by my standards!) in May.

What sort of temperatures can you expect at that time?

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Which part of NC? Mountains, central or Eastern ?

Cold in New Orleans? What??? I have lived in N.O. and it is so damn muggy I can’t stand it!! - lol. I thought you Floridians had much similar humidity as N.O.

I have to admit that I can’t stand humidity though. I visited my friend in Texas once and she warned me of the heat. It was well over 100 and I didn’t think it was that hot. I noticed I still had the windows rolled up waiting in the car for her and could actually breathe. No way could I do that in the NC heat over 100. Just no way…

I also lived in New Mexico for a couple of months and people warned me of the tremendous heat. I just didn’t feel it due to the low humidity.

Typically? Probably not. But remember, “cold” is relative, and in part a perception. They could be thinking “mountains = cold” and ignoring the end of May. Just like people think “tropics = hot and muggy”, never imagining that 75F, after acclimating to the tropics, 75 is like 20F to the people who live there.

A fire in a cabin in the mountains for “atmosphere”, even at the tag end of May? Sure. Make some Smores and gaze into the flames.

I was on top of Mount Mitchell last year, the middle of August, and froze my thingies at 40F and 30mph winds!! Down in the valley it was 75 and perfect.

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Oh sorry @cabinhost. Didn’t notice that this was YOUR question. Yea. They want a fire. They imagine that it will be chilly at night [which isn’t far fetched. Average temps in the NC mountains in May is a low of 46º.] Way too warm for a fire for this New Englander, but folks in Florida always seem to be cold. Right @jaquo?


I seem to have been born without a humidity-meter. In England people used to say “oh, it’s so muggy” and here in Florida they say “oh, it’s so humid today” but I just don’t feel it. My other half says that I have two default settings - 80 or over = normal and nice, Under 80 = ‘a bit nippy’.

And we live in South Florida with no AC. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the responses everyone. I checked last year’s weather report for the same dates. The highs during that week ranged from low 70’s to mid 80’s. And night lows ranged from high 40’s to low 60’s.

It just really struck me as so odd since May is the month that the pools and lake area are opening for swimming. But if they are used to all that humidity in FL then I guess it might be chilly for them here.

Oh, I think they want it to be chilly enough for a fire. They have this mental image of curling up with a fire, and feeling like they are in one of the Winter Wonderland movies where their makeup is perfect and the mood is set by cellos playing in the background or maybe they think it will be like Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House. The reality may be that they have to open the front door because the cabin will get so warm. You are simply allowing them, with your firewood, to live a small fantasy.

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Yes, this Floridian would want a fire, definitely. A high of low 70s is too cold for human habitation (for this wuss anyway) and those lows are positively arctic. :slight_smile:

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