Question as a guest


We have a place as you know but I have a question as a guest. We booked a place in october several months ago. The place is on airbnb not available anymore. Should we start to worry or do you think that it will be ok?

I’d be calling Air. Has your bank account had a refund deposited?

I’d message the host - that’s the only way you’ll really know for sure.

It could be that they snoozed the listing while they’re on their own vacation, or had some weird situation where Air pulled their listing pending resolution or investigation. (Like bed bugs or questionable discrimination like stating they don’t take children, under 21, or ESA’s)

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We paid with credit card the all amount.

I will call airbnb thanks for the advice

Yes they had around 5-10 review.

If you’ve not had notification of a refund, I suspect they’ve taken themselves off Airbnb for their own reasons, but are honouring bookings they had already accepted. I think I would reach out to them before you speak to Airbnb.

I hope you have been able to sort this out.
We snoozed our property last year for two weeks while away overseas and I had a panicked guest as she couldn’t find our listing, she was booked the following month.
We were on a cruise and luckily had checked emails at the end of our first week so I was able to confirm all was ok.
Next holidays we are going to use our son as co- host so I don’t have any more worried guests.
So definitely contact them all might be ok.

They might unlist this listing and created another one for many reasons or just snoozed. Call the host to find out

Just an updated the host made snozed as they are full booked the all year…they have also excellent review according to airbnb so we are fine and I can understand them.

Great news for you–enjoy your stay!