Question about the 48 hour period to edit your review

I know that Airbnb states that after 48 hours have passed one cannot edit the review they have left but has anyone experienced this to NOT be the case?

I had a guest who checked out yesterday, left a review at 4:29 am today and I expect it will be a good one because she had basically written a super review to me personally when she left and so I asked her to be sure to post that publicly.

Well, I now will be requesting $150 from her for failing to pick up her dog poop and leaving the dog unkenneled and unsupervised in the house twice (4 hours and then 14 hours with a 25 minute break in between where she changed clothes and let him out. I have $50 fines for these things listed in the House Rules.

I’d like to request now and see how she handles it before leaving her review since I still have plenty of time but will wait at least until 4:30 am the day after tomorrow to be outside that 48 hour window. But if Airbnb actually doesn’t physically prevent review edits after that 48 hour window I might as well leave the review and then ask for the money.

Wow, yes you certainly do not want her to have a chance to write a review after she sees that. I would write her the review you expect to write if shes pays up. One thing has nothing to do with the other imo. If she was otherwise a good guest then write it that way. Or just knock off a star for rules and cleanliness and submit. Makes no difference because you are certain never to have her back again after you fine her.

I am really surprised that air allows you to do this, it is really over the top IMO. I am guessing one of these days they will change the TOS to disallow fines.

Interested to see how it works out.



Yes but I can’t write that she paid up and then she doesn’t. And since it is under the $200 limit for CSRs to pay I expect I can I’ll get it even if she doesn’t.

I just wish guests would follow the rules that have the fines in them…

That may stray from the TOS anyway. I thought you were not allowed to mention disputes that Air gets involved with in a review.


If she pays up then Airbnb is not involved.

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Either way, she will slam you in the review if you ask for your fines while she can edit it or before you review her. Have you reviewed her yet?


If it’s been more than 48 hours, or your host or guest has also posted a review, your review can’t be deleted unless it violates our content policy. I had this happen to me and I wanted to change something and could not because the guest had also posted her review. Neither of us could change our reviews…

Exactly!!! That’s why I am asking if anyone has experienced that even though Airbnb says they can o my edit their reviews for 48 hours that they allow it beyond. I’d prefer to ask for the fines before reviewing her since she has already reviewed me.

I’m not asking about deleting or changing a published review…as I have said before I want to know if the 48 hour limit on editing reviews (that have not had the 14 days expire or the other person review too to make them public) actually holds so I don’t screw myself out of a great review.

So I took the chance and waited 72 hours and requested the money. She declined so I immediately fired off her review. Her positive all 5 star review came right though. I clicked to get Airbnb involved and a few minutes later the message of being assigned a case manager soon came through. I did not get a message from the guest as to why she was declining.

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Well played. 20202020


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How did you review her? Inquiring minds…


With the facts. I know longer than Ken and many others would have recommended but I try to include facts that can’t be twisted later in a guest response as had happened early on when I was vague about problem guests.

Basically that she showed up with her dog and happily paid pet fee when asked. Then she later contacted me about having guests over and then happily paid additional guest fees when I asked. And all seemed great as she even extended. I offer free use of a kennel but she declined stating the dog would always be with her…and then the day before check out she broke an important house rule twice by keeping her dog loose in the house for nearly 4 hours and then nearly 14 hours overnight. Then she declined to pay the associated fines listed in the House Rules.