Question about snoozing your listing

After hosting 250 couples in less than three years and finding out my federal taxes doubled because of it I want to take a break from Air Bnb. I would like to snooze my listing for now. I have an opportunity to rent to a former guest and I won’t be hassled with having to clean twice a week etc. also, he will be covered under my homeowners insurance since he will be a long-term tenant. Regular homeowners insurance does not cover Air Bnb clients. So the question I have I’ve always been number one in my area in the last three years but if I snooze my listing and if I do use decide to come back stay in six months to a year what I fall to the bottom of the list? Or is there just no way to know!

You’ll certainly be demoted in results. Airbnb wants to show available properties that guests can book now.

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Well, I geuss I just dont care if I get demoted.I probably wont be back if I get a long term guest,hes in a separate guesthouse I wont see him and hes responsible for his own cleaning etc.

I suppose that something you could do is this:

  1. At the top of your listing, in the first part of the description, write (in capitals) THIS FABULOUS APARTMENT WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL JANUARY 2019! BOOK NOW FOR THE BEST 2019 PRICE. (Or whatever date).

  2. Promote the listing, along with that disclaimer, on social media.

It would only take a few moments to do and could bring in a lot of bookings for when you de-snooze, getting you off to a good start.

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Perhaps you could simply block the days off on the calendar. This way it remains active but people will not be able to book.

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Whatever she does she will fall in search and when and if she returns to Airbnb it will take awhile to build back up in search.


I dont think I will snooze listing just block all dates

I think that’s the better option. I’ve seen several listings that had no available dates so they must have been on the first few pages of results. However, you will still take a hit on search rank.

I have had my whole calendar blocked for two weeks as I await the last of my airbnb guests to leave and my new long term tenant to arrive. I’m still No 1 in my area even with a blocked calendar. I will let you know after several months if I drop down at all… even with no available dates to book I’m still getting 1000 hits pr month.

I have done and you definitely fall in the rankings after a month or so.

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This is anecdotal, but having blocked dates really does damage your placement in search results.

Our winter season is terribly slow (most hotels just close), but the first two years I hosted I left the calendar open. It was rare to get more than one booking a month, so this year I blocked dates mid-November to mid-April. This was a terrible idea! My listing is only now starting to reappear in search results; It was so bad that I wasn’t even showing up on the map of options. Most bookings were from prior year’s guests and my projected gross revenue is down 42% from last year.

If you do come back it may be better to start it as a new listing so you get the newbie search results bump. I don’t know if that’s verboten, but crawling out of the search results gutter is a real slog.

I suspect the algorithm pays attention not just to your available dates, but to how much money you’ve brought in to Airbnb during some period of recent time. The listings that bring in bookings move to the front and once your average drops to 0, you’re toast!

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Idk but I have had a good part of my calendar ALWAYS blocked.I only keep open the first 3 months, the rest of the year is completely blocked. I have done that for 2 years and I have remained no 1 despite my blocking. I do this in case I decide I want to rent to a permanent tenant or if I want to sell my house so I dont want to booked one yr out.

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I’m an avid user of the snooze function and I can’t say I have any problems getting bookings. Rather on the contrary.
I attend university, have a part time job and a very social life, so what I do is, I snooze on a weekly basis, so I can focus on my school, job and social life during the week, and then I re-activate during Friday or Saturday and thereafter I get my bookings for months ahead whereafter I snooze it yet again.
I have no problems receiving bookings in Copenhagen and I can’t say I’ve been negatively impacted by the function as I don’t seem to drop in the search.
That’s just my experience and I use it a lot with great appreciation.

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I think you are right short term snoozing has little impact particularly in an area not overwhelmed by Airbnb.

Mine is snoozed for three months and has dropped three pages so an absolutely huge impact.

We are just guessing of course, none of us know. And I’ve never snoozed, only blocked dates. Maybe snoozing gets better results, particularly if you are booking people every week anyway, than blocking does.