Question about Bed Bug Prevention - sprays?

Hello hosts.

So i have been reading some articles about bed bugs and hosts sharing how difficult and expensive to get rid of them. Now I am really paranoid and scared to have guest potentially bringing bed bugs to my house and am looking for ways to prevent that from happening.
I saw most hosts recommended to get mattress and pillow covers. Even if i have the covers, say if someone brings bed bugs to my house, how would the mattress cover help? they will still crawl to other places beside the beds right?
What about the bed bug spays? anyone tried to use those before? would it be inappropriate/rude for me to ask my guests to spay their suitcases before enter my home?

Any inputs will be appreciated. Thank you~

Spraying the outside of their suitcases would do no good. Bedbugs would be hiding in their clothing and other items inside the suitcase.

I prefer to play defense with early detection using pheromone baited traps, and I dust every fall and spring with diatomaceous earth, which is non-toxic but will kill any insects that walk through it (the crystals cause respiratory damage which kills insects). I just dust it along baseboards and then sweep it under before vacuuming the floor. You can buy diatomaceous earth powder at your local garden or home center.

I was told about these traps by a local exterminator, who specializes in roasting rooms, apartments, and furniture (inside his big box van), because heating bedbugs to 180 degF for at least 12 hrs to kill them is the only guaranteed way to actually kill them all, including the eggs.

He uses the traps to detect them. You can tuck them underneath the bed and check them every time you turn over the room. The scent packs are good for a couple of months, so you should order a package of scent packs when you order this:

I have hardwood floors, so I use a robot vacuum and check the bin for insects every time I empty it.


There is no preventive measure is going to give you a 100 pct gtd of not getting them. But regular vacuuming, wiping down of all surfaces and some of the other measures given can help. The one and only time we got them was from an individual who had moved out of a situation that was riddled with them (only found out later) and we take ever preventive measure including having an exterminator out on a regular basis. So, if I was add anything, watch your clientele also.

I check the sheets every time for signs of blood stains from bits. I look for the poop. Also, I provide luggage racks and require the guests put their luggage on racks and not on beds and also that things do not belong on the floor. That’s not to say they don’t always pay attention but it helps.

Yikes, those are expensive. Have them on my next order list.

Do ozone machines kill bedbugs?