Query re Calendar colour - yellow to green?

Reading the calendar syncing / blocking issues - I went to look at mine.
I have 2 properties, both entire houses.
The calendar booking prices is yellow until the end of the first week of July and then it is green…is the colour significant? Having quiet panic attack because the views have dropped off by 2/3 and wondered if this meant anything.

Have been a lurker for months and LEARNT so much reading everything so a special thank you to all who post and manage this resource!

Green means you are charging less than AirBNB thinks you can get. Yellow mean you are charging more than AirBNB thinks you can get. There is another color which indicates that you are WAY over their recommendation, and a green circle with a checkmark if you are just right ( according to AirBNB.)

Basically, they have color coded using their SmartPricing as a guide.

Ahhh Thank you!
My house, my price!
I resent their continued suggestions that they know better how to price my property than I do.
Only 6 entire houses to rent here …



Nice properties!

And yes, you get to set your own price.

Thank you!
Trying to offer something a little different…

Hi and welcome @Debthecat

You’ve posted links to your actual airbnb account, so I can’t see your listing. I’m not as swift as @anon67190644 - can you post them while you are signed-out?

I don’t get the green with check-mark! Maybe it’s my browser. I just get green, orange, or red.

(ps, I did the same thing at first when posting links to my listing)

She gave you the ID… which is enough. :slight_smile:

Well, I know this about color - GREEN is ENVY! :grin: Those are beautiful listings, @Debthecat!

I applaud the quality, order, and number of photos - my pet peeve when searching through listings, and having to click through 5 photos of a dining room table - were they professionally done?

Thank you so much!
yes - they are professional from a friend who does real estate photography.
I am of the short attention span population.
I want to see what you have and I find clicking thru too many of the same photo/ different angle loses me rapidly…and I like the guest to find more when they arrive.
And I just got super host badge …lets hope I keep it up.
The reason I went into STR is I was made redundant and unable to find another job…so I looked at what I had and decided to make my own business. So far so good.

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Well done.

I’m the ‘shopping-late-at-night-after-a-full-day-of-work’ population. I don’t want to see an upclose of your coffee machine, your album collection, or a #$#% lily in a vase, or 15 photos of the sunset!! I always say “show me where I’m going to sleep, and where I’m going to pee”:slight_smile:

I hope to get some photos soon with a ‘real’ camera, but my friend has been sick. I’d go for the professional photos offered by airbnb but I’m working on improving the space so want to wait until I’m done. (ha ha)

The checkmarks when you are listed at the SmartPrice amount seem to be gone now. Sorry 'bout that. This software seems to change willy-nilly frequently.

And now the checkmarks are back. See image below: